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4th Annual Tax Relief Drive - May 3rd, 2008

Yes, thank you to all who planned this event. I had great time for my first ever NSX drive event. Looking foward to the next one.

Many thanks to Scott, John, Gil, and others that helped organize and make this a great event. For a Saturday outing on the roads, we lucked out and overall had mostly open roads.

I took the scenic way home from Banning to San Diego via Ramona and enjoyed more mountain driving and accumulated nearly 370 miles of great driving for the day. :smile:

It was great seeing old friends and meeting new folks. Looking forward to the next event!

Ed, I have to say... I loved the Honda ASIMO robot hanging on your rearview mirror. :D Where did you pick that up?


They show up from time to time at random shops, but not very often unless they order them from Japan directly. I got mine from a shop in Canada where I got a couple random gee gaws for my Fit as they have them in stock now and then, kinda pricey ($25), but I wanted it from a Honda geek perspective and could never find one locally. :rolleyes: :biggrin:


Thanks to all of the organizers for setting up the drive. It is pretty impressive to have 28 (27 as Mario was solo) rolling through the countryside. The route was great with the diversity in elevations. My wife enjoyed it very much and that is always a good thing! Enjoyed seeing people I've driven with before and meeting new NSXer's. Look forward to some more runs in the near future.

Actually I got a speeding ticket on the way home haha. :tongue: Damn boyscout says he got me doing 60 in a 50 very ticky tacky. Lousy Sheriff :tongue: :rolleyes: . Ah well traffic school here I come. Not too shabby...1 ticket in almost 10 years.
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Wow...I can't believe there have been four of these and I have yet to do one (says the guy who hasn't missed a single CalCoastal NSX Canyon Drive).

Perhaps next year? ;)
hey matt pierce i had the best time driving behind you that was great your car sound awesome . thanks to all organizer for the drive the shirt looks great & thank for free oil changes :biggrin: