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4th Brakelight MOD


15 July 2009
Guys have been thinking about this for awhile now

follow in HuggaBugga's footsteps LOL

what do you think about having a Brake light inside the engine bay
I saw another member attempt this but didnt turn out so well.

but I think I have the answer

using parts from an 2007-2008 Acura TL typeS

Parts needed

brake light, and black cover, and a strip of metal to screw onto.

I have not ran the wires for it yet as I hurt my back but I had to do this today.

I will snap some pics of it tonight to see what it looks like. what do you guys think?

34270-SEP-A01 Light Assy. High Mount Stop
83206-SEP-A00ZD Cover Assy. High Mount ( Graphite Black )





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I love your editing shawn, I have a rear wing Type R without brake lights and wanted an opportunity to put a fire in the rear window, can you tell me how much is the complete equipment ($)? thank you very much for your help and for your good ideas on NSX prime:smile:
well the cover was about 38 USD and the lamp was about 130 usd.

when you look at how the lamp connects to the cover you will see that you only really need to worry about how the lamp connects to the glass

as the cover clicks into the lamp
It does look good! I'd like to see a completed prototype. :smile:

P.S., get the dead leaves and debris out of your rooftop. :D
I know I know guys :biggrin:

I will wire it up possibly tomorrow

if it doesnt look good while the brakes are applied I will rip it out

well one thing atleast it all OEM honda parts LOL
Wow, a very rare safety mod! Great idea, anything that could keep granny from plowing into the rear bumper is worth the effort! There is some sort of electronic module the previous owner put on the stoplight of my ninja 250. It blinks when you apply the brakes. This might be a good addition to that high stoplight. I think it blinks a few times when you first apply the brakes, then goes full red. Wouldnt want to be sitting at a light with the damn thing constantly blinking. So I can take a closer look if any one is interested.
Looking at the pics, but not 100% sure, I am thinking this does not obstruct rear vision in any way, correct? I am just not sure, from the pics, with the hatch closed, do you see it or not??

Larry it was just a test fit but I think it up high enough not to see it thru your rear mirror or looking back

I mean the Original black plastic is bigger width wise than the Cover.

I will check
Similar concept to my third brake light. Just highter and more OEM looking.