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A Benchmark for the New NSX: Porsche 918

1 February 2008
Dana Point, CA
An excellent read for any interested in the high performance hybrid powertrain concept that will feature in the new NSX, being done by a company that doesn't turn out garbage. Same concepts: multiple electric motors, regenerative braking, mid-engined powerplant.


I find it amazing that Porsche allowed Car and Driver to photograph and get a detailed overview of this proprietary, cutting edge technology. 50 motor- and engine-control units!!! YOWSA!!! It's interesting that they HAD to use carbon fiber given the weight of the all the electronics/motors/batteries. Since Honda has already alluded to a set weight and performance target, we can only hope that will lead them the same way.

Porsche firmly plans to have this car production ready 9/18/13.

And I'd bet the house that come 9/19/13 there will be one on the way to an undisclosed location, perhaps near Torrance or Marysvile, for teardown ;)




Wheelbase: 107.5 in
Length: 182.8 in
Width: 76.4 in Height: 45.9 in
Curb weight: 3750 lb
Zero to 60 mph: 2.6 sec
Zero to 100 mph: 6.0 sec
¼-mile: 10.2 sec
Top speed: 205 mph

What's up with the wheel base and weight? At $850 grand I don't think anyone at the moment will want to follow that footstep. Honda is not shooting for Mars.
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Honda will really need to take advantage of the instant torque of electric motors and lithium batteries to make a truly amazing powerband.