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A/C Problem

21 October 2003
Hey Fellow NSX'ers! Here is my A/C saga, hopefully someone can give me guidance or suggestions on this.

I started to notice that my A/C was blowing hot, not warm, but hot air. So I turned off the climate system. I still had about an hour to drive, but it was a nice evening. By the time I was arriving at my destination I thought my feet were going to melt. Very hot air not blowing, but being directed into the cabin in the pedal area. So I took it in to my mechanic at the Acura dealer. First they had to convert my A/C to the new freon (ru134?), my car is a 1991 by the way. So they converted it and filled it up with freon. They left it overnight and there was no leakage, so we assumed the problem was fixed. But about a month later, boom, back to the same problem. Hot A/C, and when off and I drive the car for anything more than 1 hour, my feet start to melt. I just thought this was strange that there should be hot air still coming into the cabin even though the climate control unit is off. So whatdaya think??? Now they did put the dye in with the freon so that if it did leak out they could trace it. But I thought I would hear what you all thought before taking it back in. Thanks!
Sometimes these strange behaviors are caused by a bad climate control board. Mine would occasionally turn on by itself when my board was bad. You can pull it yourself and look for any capacitors that have leaked out.

If it is bad, one of our prime members Briank fixes these.

good luck
One thing I have found is: if you have the temp dial set high, even with the unit turned off, it will continue to radiate hot air.