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a Toyota Tacoma with NOS wanted to race me - heh

24 July 2000
Was crusing around and pulled up to a group of cars after hearing someone say "I could take that POS" (lol) so i stopped and some other guy said "are you kidding mand that's an NSX! it does like 0-60 in 4.8 seconds!" of course everyone wouldnt believe it..which i didnt care.. anyways i started to roll off in laughter and someone said "hey wait my buddy is gone home to grab his blow torch so he can warm up his bottle!" i was like WHAT?? are u kidding me? You're actually telling me you have NOS? then I asked him what kind of car it was... then saw the Toyota Tacoma pulling off... and chuckled... I said "well i'm going to go roll around the block and i'll be back..." didnt want to embarrass the kid in front of all his friends...

Anyways - i have a question about NOS - what good does putting a blow torch to the bottle do? thinking in physics terms, the gas will expand when it gets warmer... meaning the gas molecules will be further apart when they come out of the bottle (or into the throttle body or what have u) wouldnt it be better if the nitrous gas was more dense (colder) when it entered the engine?

Just curious.....
You need to keep the bottle warm to keep the pressure up. I can't say I'd recommend using a blow torch, but hey.