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Acceleration Concerns -- Please Help

23 March 2005
I have a Passport G-Force module that plugs into the cigarette lighter, and tells you your 0-60 times, G-Forces, max HP, etc. Last night, it was pretty quiet so I thought I'd check it out. To give some background, I had just washed and dried the NSX minutes earlier. The car had warmed up, although not as warm as it probably should have been. Also, my TCS was on. Anyway, I started off strong in first, and took it red-line, and right before I shifted, it seemed to miss badly and the RPMs dropped sharply. I don't know if it was the TCS kicking in (I don't think it should have because I was going straight). I immediately stopped and went home. I opened up the engine compartment and didn't smell anything that would cause me any concern, but I got very nervous because my NSX has always been responsive. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

'93 Blk/Blk NSX
'04 Pilot
Did you hit the early rev limiter because the car was not properly warmed up? That could be it.
Okay - you write you did redline in 1st gear so the rev limiter apparently didn't kick in. My guess is that the TCS kicked in when you changed to 2nd. That is normal even on straights depending on tires and surface. I had that several times on the track when I was a newby, drove with TCS and accelerated out of a corner in 2nd gear on street tires.

The stock NSX engine is even capable of spinning race slicks in 2nd gear on dry track with TCS off. Next time you try it turn also TCS off.
Thanks everyone, I just got back from a grocery run, and the car showed on ill-affects. I drove around awhile, and let it get good and warmed up, and then drove it pretty hard, and had no problems at all. Needless to say I was quite nervous last night. Man, this car just sounds and runs so good. The NSX has to be one of the best engineered cars ever built.