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Accidents - How Bad - What Was The Damage

10 July 2000
El Dorado Hills, CA
Don't recall a post regarding your specific accidents/dings/scratch etc.

Anyone want to share a few stories?

The story about lowering the garage door on the car is enough for me.

97-T #009 @23K
I drove through a puddle once... And I still have nightmares about it.

Heh couldn't resist. OK I've had one 'accident' - it was in my '92 roughly 2 years ago in Scottsdale, AZ at the Frank Lloyd Wright light and 101 interchange (west side heading east to turn north). I had just got my new disc breaks on the car from RM so I could stop REALLY good. I was making a rush for the light to make a left turn and saw I wasn't going to make it, so I brought the car to an abrupt halt.

Unfortunately, the '76 Land Crusier (my luck, eh?) wasn't watching and barreled into me at 20MPH or so about 3 seconds after I came to a stop. He had a big wench on the front of his car, so that's what impailed my rear trunk section right where the lights were. He hardly had a scratch.

Around $8,000 in damage if I recall, but after it was fixed, you couldn't even tell I was in an accident. Raintree body in Scottsdale took care of it.

David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
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doesnt quite count as an accident, but i was flying along, had a friendly enforcer in oncoming lanes flick on his lights, and tried to make it into my neighborhood quick quick. (this all happened within one mile from my house-so i wasnt really avoiding anything,right?)

at last second i remembered the new entrance to my neighborhood and braked super hard from 70mph while attempting the corner. i made it, but scuffed my chin on the lip of the curb. got home cursing and surprise--no damage. guess i was living large that day.

after three months im hoping to keep this as my 'big accident'.
Originally posted by David Allen:
He had a big wench on the front of his car, so that's what impailed my rear trunk section right where the lights were.

I hope she wasn't hurt!
Just had a scare today. Luckily, there was no damage except a couple of small scuffs on the rear bumper.

I was out of town last weekend and, when I travel w/o my NSX, I leave my Ford Explorer parked in the driveway behind my NSX (which is in the garage). I know I can't prevent my car from being stolen if someone really wants it, but at least the Explorer would slow a thief down a bit.

Anyway, this morning I jumped in my NSX to go to work and (I think you know where I am going with this) forgot about the Explorer in the driveway.

My usual concern is to watch the sides of my car to make sure I don't hit the fenders as I pull out. I was so focused on the sides that I didn't look directly behind me. I remembered the Explorer at about the same moment that I bumped into it.

That was a boneheaded move. At least there is no real damage (except to my ego).


2000 NSX-T #49
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I find that Meguiar's #9 Swirl Mark Remover 2.0 is a great product for getting those scuff marks out. It's ever so slightly abrasive - just a little bit - not enough to cloud the finish, but just enough to take the scuff marks out.

Wax over the area when you're done.
LOL! I did the EXACT same thing a few weeks ago except it was with my Land Cruiser - I backed into the Wife's Camry (she usually parks behind the NSX).

No major damage - just a little bump. She sure got mad tho...

David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
Comptech SC, Headers, Intake, Exhaust & a little Mark Basch tweakage
Didn't involve my NSX, but these will make you cringe-all true! I had 5 cars at one point, and my Ferarri 308 was parked in the driveway with just enough side room to enter the garage. I Was running late, jumped into my crappy, rusty Ford Bronco and while backing up the driveway basically sideswiped the 308. ouch!
Dented the fender lips, mostly, but still had to have entire side repainted.

I was restoring a old Pontiac Firebird and it rolled down the driveway into the back of my 911. Had to replace the rear engine lid.

Lastly (same 911), on a cold morning I went into the garage and reached into the drivers side to start engine to warm it up. Guess what? It's in gear!!! Jumps forward into the rear wall and about a foot into the tool room. Not a whole lot of damage (headlights mostly), was really pretty funny if you think about it- 3 stooges stuff.

I am older and calmer now, but did take out the pass mirror on the NSX once.

the 911 could be started without the clutch engaged? That really sucks, as I've heard of this happening but I have never driven a manual tranny car that could be started without your foot in the clutch. But then again I learned to drive on an 81 Corolla, and didn't drive much stick after until my sports car shennanigans in the late 90s.

Maybe some of the cars I;ve driven DIDN'T need the clutch engaged either...I guess maybe it's habit that I do that. Does the 308 do this too? As I drove a 308 QV once, but always used the clutch before starting.

sorry to get so far off topic guys...

The best story I can muster up is backing into a parked 70's vintage Corvette because I was too busy watching the scenery* (*read: nice booty
) AND the Sun was blinding me!
I have had six major accidents.
1. I flipped a 1981 rx-7 end over end four times. I left the road at 100+ mph went into the ditch. I then hit a culvert pipe. The impact was so hard and fast that it blew all the windows out of the car from pressure. The engine was in the drivers compartment and the shift lever ended up behind the rear of the drivers seat. All four wheels including the suspension were torn off the car. The passenger was ejected out of the sunroof on the first roll. I had a can of wax split my head open and spill under my scalp. My pants were split from the crotch to my ankles. Parts of the car were found up to 200 feet away. I hit a phone pole about 15 feet up the pole and broke it in half. Then the car came to rest on the top of a septic tank in someone's yard collapsing it. The only thing that keep me in the car was that the steering wheel was bent down and my fingers were jammed between the column and the wheel.

2. I was a passenger in a Nissan pickup that was hit head on. We were driving down the road and the next thing I knew I was in a ambulance. I have a scar under my chin from this one. My face made heavy contact with the windshield.

3.I was driving a 1974 Chevy full size pickup. I had gone to get straw for my lawn I was putting in. I crested a hill to find the news paper driver doing a K turn in his excell in the middle of the road . No time to stop I blasted him at 45 mph right in the driver side door. Mind you with about 35 bales of straw on the back, that's a lot of weight. I pushed his car about 75 feet. His car took down a small tree( 3 inch caliper) and finally stopped after snapping off a residential well head. He suffered a fractured skull, broken ribs, broken left leg and arm, compound fracture of the right leg(snapped in half by the stick shift), and a broken neck. He was thrown out the passengers side window.

4.I was driving a week old 1994 Ford Lightning to Napa to get some parts for my snowmobile. I was traveling 50mph when a 1984 caprice attempted to make a turn and hit me head on. This scene was the worst by far. The air bag went off in my truck so I assumed that it was on fire. Worst of all I could not get out of the truck as the doors were jammed shut. To make matters even worse I could not kick the windshield out because one of the passengers in the other vehicle was ejected and laying across my windshield. She was, and I mean it, completely covered in blood. Her nose had been severed as well. It was a terrible thing to see. Still have nightmares. There were four passenger in the other vehicle. The lady on my hood and the passengers rear seat victim both were flown out by helicopter. I had severe burns from the air bag and still have problems with my neck everyday. BTW the lightning was completely demolished.

5. I was on a unfamiliar trail on my snowmobile. I was trading about 90 mph on a old rail road bank. The tracks and ties were removed a long time ago. There was a little bit of frost on my visor and my vision was not as good as it should have been. So I was following the tail light of my friends sled right in front of me. We went down in a dip and when I came out he was stopped right in front of me. I clamped on the brakes but it was too late. I would say I impacted his sled at about 65MPH. It threw his sled up in the air high enough for me to go right under it. I broke my right thumb. He had minor aches and pains. I would say this is one of the luckiest ones. I really though it was going to be much worse. Thank God I had insurance. Both sleds were totaled and each had about 200 miles on them. The insurance company paid out almost 15k on this one. The worst part about the accident was getting the sleds back to civilization. We were 10 miles out.

6. The following winter I bought a new snowmobile. Again I was up north on a unfamiliar trail on the back side of a ski resort. Came into a corner a little too fast, hit a bump and lost control. Thank God I jumped off because the sled went over a 65 foot drop off. I had insurance this time too.

Out of all these accidents I have never received one ticket. Not even the rx-7 one. I have since seen the lady who had her nose cut off and she looks ok but does have a pretty serious scar. I no longer snowmobile.
steveny - glad you do not live anywhere near me. Six majors? You need a refresher course on driving. Save the flames, it merely enhances my tan.
Holy toledo Steve... that reads like a horror movie plot!

You definitely have the wierdest combination of extreme good luck and extreme bad luck that I have ever seen!

Ever check your RX-7 vin on Carfax? I wouldnt be surprised if the car is on the road with a clean title
Originally posted by spookyp:
Holy toledo Steve... that reads like a horror movie plot!

You definitely have the wierdest combination of extreme good luck and extreme bad luck that I have ever seen!

Ever check your RX-7 vin on Carfax? I wouldnt be surprised if the car is on the road with a clean title

I sold the car for $250.00 to a friend for parts. I still have the rear emblem for a memento on the wall in the garage. I have some pics somewhere of it before and after the crash. I know for a fact the car was never put back together. BTW this was the only accident where I did not have any collision insurance. Paying the car off was more painful than the accident. At least now I can say I waxed my skull.

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