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Acura's help?

26 June 2000
Lauderdale by the Sea, FL, USA
I have a '91 with 20k mi. I was curious if anybody has had luck getting certain TSB's fixed for nothing after so many years. For example, air only blows on high, driver's window seal by a-pillar is tearing, water pump and hoses were listed as possible prob, window regulator, etc.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I work for a huge dealership(7 car lines)in Ft lauderdale and we also own an Acura dealership (Fountain) in Orlando but before I call asking for favors, I was curious if these would be fixed by standard procedure first. thanks.
The water hoses/pump were a recall so that will be done no cost regardless.

The others are not typically goodwilled these days since the cars are getting old but you can probably call in favors as you mentioned and have them try to get the zone service manager to comp them.
window regulator, etc.

There's a preventive fix for the window regulator problem. Just get the "window thingies" from Dali Racing. Very inexpensive fix to prevent an expensive repair.
You can click on the Dali racing link below...they sell them. You can get instruction for instal in the FAQ here at nsxprime.

92 Red/Blk