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Adelaide Sunday Run

30 April 2005
Adelaide, Australia
Slept in and missed most of the guys this morning but caught up with them over coffee. A mate and his new McLaren and I decided to drive on for the next couple of hours. He took me for a drive very effortless car everything happens so easily and loads of power. Not as in your face as his 458 Italia the McLaren is allot smoother, more compliant and quieter but has a bit more power.


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Wow, I read up on his trip back from Sydney on another forum...he seems like a really down to earth kinda guy.

Has he worked out a preference between the MP4 and 458 yet?

These things are so much more beautiful and imposing in person.......
He mentioned that he hasn't driven the 458 since he got the McLaren but is looking forward to the comparison.

From a passengers perspective its a hard one to pick as mentioned the 458 is more in your face and somewhat prettier both in and out of the car whereas the McLaren is if i can be so brash more like an NSX comparison more refined, compliant and understated.