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After 20 years, I finally have my car...

Congratulations from a distant "car cousin". Check the link in my signature. My car started as 97 black and tan.
Great write up BTW. If you ever get the inkling to sell it in the future, read your own write up to stop you from doing anything foolish like that :)

If you need service on your NSX, Bill Taylor at your local Acura dealer is a really good mechanic and knows his way around the NSX. I would trust him to do even the most complex tasks on my NSX, like replacing the timing belt and clutch. Good guy, tell him I said hi.

Nice to know another NSX will be in GR. I have lots of fond memories of my trips there. I've had some outstanding food, too, at places like Leo's, Bistro Bella Vita, and Grove.
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Congratulations again, Teej! I arrived home exhausted from Hawaii just after midnight last night, and didn't read your post until this morning. I had been waiting patiently for the story of your first NSX, and you did not disappoint. Thanks for sharing your story and posting your pics; I think you will look back at this in the future and realize how special of a memory it was. I didn't register on Prime until after I had purchased my first NSX, and I regret that I didn't document it as I did my other NSXs.

I drove my NSX to work this morning, and it felt really good to be in the driver's seat again after 9 days of being away. I hope that your ownership experience will be a satisfying one, and that every opportunity you get to drive your NSX will be as special as mine has been.
These new owner stories and documentation of the first days with the car never get old. Congratulations on your new acquisition. Now be prepared for your life to change. May you both roll old together.
Just in time for winter :)

Congrats Teej! Glad you got the one you were hunting for!
Good stuff Teej! Absolutely great looking NSX!! Congrats - nothing better than getting the NSX you wanted. Happy Motoring! and Cheers! Jay
Awesome, teej. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! On living your dream. You waited so long, you really deserve it. Enjoy, my friend. We are all enjoying it right along with you.
Hey man, I like your style :)
Congrats on achieving your dream. You are right, our cars are very similar! And the timing (had mine almost a month now too!).

Let's get the same wheels too and make them the same :p :D

Seriously, i hope i didn't come off as a jerk on pm by referring to your threads as 'novels' but for real u have a great story....(and i always wanted to take the Lake Express- how was it)!?

And hey, I don't have a problem with having the same car as you since mine's already the same as some guy in Cali that got banned from prime LOL! :beer:
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Congrats on your new 2nd Love or is it 1st Love? :biggrin:
Great write up!

((update, Im sorry for some of the large photos, Photobucket is acting stupid and posting them large even after a resize. Ill edit tomorrow as it took me 3 hours to post this because not only was Photobucket acting stupid, but so was my browser))

BTW, why not just use Prime's Owners gallery for pictures?
It will be easier to document & keep track of all things/pics NSX.
Great story, really nice car, welcome to prime.
Congrats Teej! I'm glad you can reflect back on your life and appreciate the hard work you've put in to accomplish your goal of getting your dream car. I look forward to my day eventually too. Be sure to start a build thread and show off the changes you make to personalize the car.
Congratulations and great story. The NSX looks great! The 20 year wait is totally worth it and I'm sure you'll realize that, if you haven't already.

It's always satisfying to attain your dream car...now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it out on the road! =)
I offer you my congratulations on your beautiful NSX and also a lot of courage to maintain body black color beautiful but difficult to maintain but with courage, perseverance and good products, it is possible! Your photos are also very nice but too big :) I wish you much happiness with your two women (your wife and NSX):smile:
Congrats. Cant go wrong with a BLACK car......:biggrin:
Good to see you finally enjoying your dream car, Teej.

Hopefully mine won't take me as long to find! :p
To resize your images, you can "open" with "paint" on windows, select the "resize" in%, select 40 or 50% and save your photo, congratulations again for your beautiful NSX:smile: