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ALB, Clutch, and Engine problem

16 October 2003
San Francisco, CA
I've asked many of NSXPrime members about the ALB problem. The only thing I could do is to run some exercise for it. However, I've run more than 10 times, my ALB light still on after start engine 30 Sec. I'm planning to go shop to do my ALB job soon, but still confused what I should tell them to do ? Any suggestion ? :confused:

My clutch has some noise which when I put the gear in N (especially when the car is still running). I've replace new clutch once. Any idea ? :confused:

The last problem is my Engine. I've done the T-belt job already and water pumb. However, when I open the engine cover, I could able to hear the " da da da da da " noise. I thought I should go tune up my engine, but still don't know what the problem is. :confused:

thanks for help