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Alignment after Eibachs

4 September 2000
I took my car in today for an alignment after the Eibachs were installed, and I am a bit confused, partly because the printout I got was all in degrees. Here are the important facts:

1. The Eibachs lowered the car 1.5 inches in front, and just over 1 inch in the rear.

2. The alignment tech was supposedly the best in town (private shop), he used a newer hunter machine, and he accounted for driver weight. He had no prior experience with an NSX.

3. He got the front very close to spec, as follows: Left Camber: -.4 deg, Right Camber: -.6 deg. Right Toe: -.11 deg, Left Toe -.12 deg.

4. It's the rear Camber that has me concerned: Left Camber, -2.4' deg., Right Camber, -2.1 deg., Left Toe: .17 degrees, Right Toe: .19 degrees.

QUESTION: Is it common to throw rear camber that far out of stock by the lowering the rear an inch, and if so, how will this affect rear tire wear? Was the alignment done properly, or should I drive a couple of hours to Phoenix and pay another $100 to have it aligned by the NSX guru? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
where is paulson near scottsdale? im going down on tuesday to rm to have them install some rm springs and the acura dealer wont align my car because i have 19 inch rims on the rear, maybe you could steer me to where you went, thanks!
Ilya, do you happen to remember what your front camber was set at? -- I am a little concerned about the relation of the rear camber (out of spec) to the front camber (in spec)as far as its impact on handling.

VegasNsx -- If you are going to be in Scottsdale, you will want to talk with Mark Basch, he's right up the road from Scottsdale Acura on McDowell road. I would have had him do the alignment if Paulden wasn't two hours away from his shop. I may still take my car to have him massage the alignment if he thinks he can improve upon it.