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Alpine A/V System

10 March 2000

CVA 1005
DVA 5200

I have seen this installed before in a stand along unit and i didn't like it...so when i heard of this DVD player avilable it made the perfect installation. Some trimming was required behind the dash but everything is secure. If you wish to have your ash tray open you have to trim out of the bottom of the units. At first I installed the Screen to be on the lower side thinking that the screen won't block the HVAC controls...but it still did...therefore the configure is as you see it now with the screen on top and i get to show off my DVD player

I took apart the DVD player and there were not enough space to allow trimming of the casing...so at this point i can't use the ash tray. My V1 is hardwired and my cell phone has good battery life so doesn't matter to me.

I am sure i can mount the switch somewhere else once i get the nos kit.

The picture looks good as this 6.5" screen is going to look....please note that the screen has a "brain" which is large. It was mounted over the subwoofer. The cd changer fit perfect behind the pass seat. Speakers are still the stock bose system with the add-on tweeters.

The dash was cut to fit a both units...and my local stereo shop is able to get me a custom dash kit to go over the new shape of the dash...i'll post pictures when i get it.

Though work I am able to get a drawing of the dash and have a metal shop manufacture it out of metal which could be interesting..i'll let you guys know what comes out of this.
You should check out the latest Moblie Entertainment Magazine. Has a very large feature on an NSX w/ a INCREDIBLE A/V setup. Tons and Tons of custom work were done on this guys car. He has the CD Player mounted under the passenger seat, which I was thinking of doing.

While I like stereo and multimedia equipment I would only put it in the NSX if I had a DIN size opening. It looks like you just cut part of the dash above the radio so it doesn't look clean. I saw an NSX that had the center section custom made so he could put a DIN size radio in place it was really clean. I'll scan a pic of it and post it. But in the mean time I'll post one of my suburban interior.

I have the same setup in my suburban but I also have a monitor in back and the dolby digital processor.


Is that James Bond the Tomorrow Never Dies your watching?
Whoever installed your unit, installed it too low. I did mine and it's perfect, the ashtray opens! I was going to go with the Alpine IVA-800 BUT the unit is FULLY motorized and would not work well in the NSX since the dash is so slanted and would be at a huge angle, also not to mention the TV tuner for alpine is about $800 with everything you need. I went with the Kenwood 907 with Touch Screen and TV tuner built in, I did the Panisonic In Dash DVD player under it and the MP3 Player is on the way!!!
Purevil, single DIN size radio looks funny IMHO that's why i didn't go that way..someone on the nsx list was able to provide me with a contact that would mold my dash into a single din opening...it looks really good. However when the unit is not open the dash looks "empty". It seems like something is missing due to the extra space. The piece that was cut was the piece that goes in between the stock radio and also the sides were cut to ensure clearance of the new double din radio...as you know, the stock unit is slims down on the end.

I think it will look OEM once i get the dash kit that will cover over the depressions on the edge of the dash kit. As it is right now it doesn't look too bad...i sanded the edges and it is out to paint right now.

The ash tray works now i shaved a bit off the top and drop it off at my body shop for painting.

I post a better picture once i get everything back.

Robert, Can't see it getting any higher than that
Take a pic of yours and let me check it out. Panasonic DVD player is pretty cool looking however i didn't think it will match because of the color. I saw the kenwood unit also it was really sweet..but i wanted to keep the same brand of components.

Now anyone know any place that can get me the Nav unit really cheap?

I know with my CVA-1005 I can adjust the angle to work in the NSX, that is if I ever decided to put one in.


I was wondering since they can make a single DIN why couldn't they make a double DIN, right???? Just a thought that may clean things up.

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Originally posted by PUREVIL:


I was wondering since they can make a single DIN why couldn't they make a double DIN, right???? Just a thought that may clean things up.

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The reason i was given was he throught that it was too much to cut and might weaken the dash piece....in another words, he doesn't want to take the chance of the dash breaking. Good thing the dash piece is pretty strong.
I've never tilted mine manually. When I used the angle buttons it tilts forward quite a bit. I know mine can easily make the angle of the NSX dash.


Well I'm sure they can make it work, I've seen some crazy installs. If they can get your stock dash to work. They can make a custom one to clean up the edges for the double DIN units.