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and so I'm getting married on saturday...

21 January 2004
North Brunswick/Long Branch NJ
The day has finally arrived! :eek: Christine is the best and I am truly lucky to have found my soul mate. I feel as though I've been engaged forever and the day is finally here. Very exciting. The wedding is saturday in Red Bank, NJ. We are having 175 people and then Monday off to Hawaii. 11 days, between Maui and Oahu (Thanks for the suggestion). I forgot who suggested the Four Seasons but It looks amazing and I cant wait.

Anyways I just wanted to share this special time with my NSX Prime family. 7000 posts since 2004, lurking since 2002, meeting so many of you at meets and many others at NSXPO's. I feel as though we are all like a big family and while I dont post so often or even drive my NSX really anymore, I am happy to share this time and moment with you guys.

Goods times :wink:


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...seems to me you have been engaged forever:tongue: I'm happy for you both......safe traveling(make sure you plane seats are secure):wink: now your tax status changes and you both can now relax and settle into a wonderful partnership.
Awesome!!! Congrats Mike. Hope your day is amazing and your trip as well!!
Is the Bulldog the ring bearer?:biggrin:
Is the Bulldog the ring bearer?:biggrin:

Millie, Bulldog is the parents. Their Springer got sick and they had to put her down. They went from pet sitters to pet owners. :redface:

Honey the goldendoodle is the ring bearer:wink:


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Congrats! Best Wishes to you and your Bride...

My wife and I got hitched wayyyy back in 1989...on the same day as Hugh Hefner.
Congratulations! Will you be decorating the NSX for the wedding?

Negative, the NSX likes to sleep in the garage. I feel bad everytime I walk past it.
Congrats stud!!! Happily ever after.
Congrats Mike!
After the honeymoon, be sure to change your name to "The Man".

Congrats.... it's always nice to join our better half for life....

all the best for you both.

Congrats, and best wishes to you and your soon to be wife.
Congrats. So.... You won't be needing the Zanardi soon, right? You need something sensible now. I'll trade you a new Camry for it.