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Annual State Inspection

10 November 2002
I had the annual Virginia state inspection done on my NSX yesterday. My {tire make and model deleted} tires have more than 28,000 miles on them now. The inspection station (a tire dealer) passed them without even blinking; they have plenty of tread left on both front and rear. The tires (set of four, all installed at the same time, alignment to stock '94 specs, inflated to 33psi front, 40psi rear) look like they will easily last well over 30,000 miles.

During this time, the tires have performed flawlessly at speeds of up to 130mph. No flats, uneven tire wear, flat spots, tread separation, blowouts, nothing. (They have become a little noisier as they have worn down.) Dry weather performance has been great, and wet weather performance is also excellent on my daily driver NSX.
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You have to have your tires checked every year? They won't let you register if it fails I take it. hmm...GA just does Emissions, and ND doesn't do anything.
Virginia has a safety inspection and an emissions inspection*. For the safety inspection, they put the car on a rack and thoroughly examine the tires and brake pads. (The guy in the bay next to me had to have one tire replaced.) They also check the lights, wipers, and horn to make sure they are working.

In Maryland, you only have to have your car inspected once, before you register it. If you buy a new car, no inspection is required, you just register it and you are done. If it is a used car, the mechanic goes over the car pretty thoroughly that one time. But then you can keep the car for decades after that without having another safety inspection. No annoying stickers on the windsheild either.

*I passed Virginia emissions also. When I was living in Maryland, the NSX had an emissions waiver.
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In Seattle you buy the car with the license plate, no inspection less emissions. This would be nice nationwide.:biggrin: