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Any Female NSX owner?

NSX owner, are you

  • Male

    Votes: 58 85.3%
  • Female

    Votes: 4 5.9%
  • Don't know/Does not matter

    Votes: 6 8.8%

  • Total voters
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According to Honda's own demographics data, 95% of NSX owners are male.
That being said, there are some (completely wonderful) female owners that post here occasionally. You know who you are.
There are 2 in Northern California that I know of, but have not met (nsxtaxi & VietNSeXy).
todddejag ( Deb ) owns a Sebring Silver here in Knoxville.
Since the founding of the NSX Club of America, there have been four female members of the club's board of directors, including three who are on the current board.

For whatever reason, three of those four have owned purple NSXs.
There is one in So Cal that drives one. At least maybe. Was a company from a few years back and lost touch since. It was a black one.
Ok, ok... Does any show up on these forums? I'd lik to justify my humble assumption that it's more often to see lady drivin SLR McLaren rather than NSX. Why it's like this? Does NSX looks/acts like 100% masculine car? Maybe they even did not like it? Interesting, isn't it? Or you consider my question a dump one - 'who's going to ask if lady drove Ferrari or Lambo' OK, 35 years ago, it's clear - fine. But now, in feministic world, still some things remain man's toys? Like Sports cars, yachts, he-he, girls? Or there is a difference due to no moda? Ladies playing soccer, ice hockey, boxing, but i never see them in Formula. Only one here asked me to try my NSX - I told her: never say never, but this time never indeed!
Where is Mermaid? I miss having her around!!!:redface:
Just curios - if there is any Female NSX owner on this forum?
Is NSX 100% masculine car?
Yankee = John Cheese in Dutch:biggrin:
Well I know in Lawrence, MA I've seen a woman driving a Black NSX before. Can't say if it's her's or her husband's car but she definitely was driving it alone those 3 times I saw it. I'm thinking it's someone who doesn't visit prime since I don't know one person on the forums who is from Lawrence,MA besides me :).
Hello! :tongue:
So what's this I hear about your husband jacking your car from you????

Oh yeah, cant forget "piggy" she's on here but she never says anything lol. And.... I think her name is Linda, she's from the bay area. I also think she's on here.
^^ He didnt really "jack it". It's mine. :tongue: He just thinks he did. I am driving the G right now because its so hot. I still drive it weekly and can have it back when ever I want. :biggrin:
He likes driving it but it will probably get over it. He is a luxury and motorcycle guy.