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any info or thoughts on this nsx jh4na1182tt000130

Re: any info or thoughts on this nsx

as an owner of a 96 myself I would like to think so.....If the car is well cared for and up to date on maintainance and needs nothing with 77k miles then 35 is more than fair.
yea this is a sweet deal, i will be the 3rd owner

lol wish me luck

100% Stock

Is this the one in Smithfield NC? I remember a gentleman in Chicago that said he was going to fly down to look at it but I think he might of been too cautious to capitalize on this deal.

Congrats, the car looks great!
Yes, I followed that car on e-bay, and e-mailed the owner. He listed it twice. As I recall it went for about 33K. So I would have to say congratulations, you definitely got a great deal. It wasnt one of these auctions where they keep listing over and over to try for absolute maximum price. He put it up for no reserve, and let it fly. I know you could sell it for a profit right now. Welcome to the club. Enjoy!
Congrats on your purchase! And welcome to the NSX Brotherhood. I don't know how long you've been on the site but as a new owner, you might want to check out the NSX Wiki (off the red action bar at the top of most pages). It is a wealth of information on repairing/troubleshooting, modifications, etc and has a number of DIY article. Enjoy.
Steamer, is this the NSX in Smithfield, NC on ebay? And are you saying that you did NOT purchase this car??? Wondering what the issues were as I know someone who was interested in this car. Thanks for any insight you can provide.
I think somebody else nabbed it, they PM'd me today.
To Steamer ....this site works so well because we give followup to add information to the community at large about the few nsx's that are trading hands.............................so what happened?:confused:
Ok.. Here is the story, I bought it on eBay, and the same day I went to my CPA,<o:p></o:p>
Uncle Sam hit me for an extra 2 tons of cash I was not expecting, so I told the seller about it. <o:p></o:p>
we canceled the bid, But I had a great weekend, had the cash back in the account, and he said he would honor my bid, even though he had another buyer ready to go- that would fly in Friday - wanted me to wire the money to him in the am, -he would not do an escrow account- so I did some checking up on the guy, and he check out very well- I called him on my way to the bank- and he said it was too late- he gave it to the 2nd highest bidder- It seems our time difference is what messed me up. Central vs. east. + With my work, I work late hours (1.30 am) so I’m not the best morning person.<o:p></o:p>
I'm not angry or mad, it just didn't work out. The car is very sweet.
[]Whoever bought it has a very nice NSX. And I don't

we may want to pull the vin # off the post if another member owns this car
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No rush Steamer, another one will come up, the Fun of searching continue on,and if you find one you like and checked out you must act quick to snatch it or someone will. Good luck
sh%t happens ,good luck in the hunt.