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Any vendors make front / rear clear blinker lenses?

15 October 2003
West coast!
For the headlight I'm going to have to bake it open to remove the amber pieces but I remember seeing NSX's with clear front side blinkers and even LED's in there.

Where did you guys get these? Ebay?

Also looking for clear rear side lenses....

only outlet...

As of now, the only alternative to a DIY is to go w/ Clear Corners...


The eBay side-markers are only applicable for the JDM fenders which use a different size side-marker in a different location.

I tried to fabricate a clear side-marker for the front-fender amber and rear-fender red lens. I acquired a similar sized clear-reflective lens in bulk and some black-rubber gasket material for patency and to act as a 'bezel'. However, the final aesthetics of the finished product were not up to par. I have a great many clear-reflective lens left-over... if you want to make a project of it for yourself, let me know.

Good-luck! :cool:
Osiris_x11: thanks for the input and offer...

But wow at $475 for the dual stage, I think I'll pass, not that critical of a mod but I just want to rid myself of the amber so probably going to smoke the amber lenses.....