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Anybody interested in a drive out to Yosemite or Mono Lake? Or Mendocino County?

10 October 2002
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I haven't been to Mono Lake yet, or much of the Yosemite. I'm planning go for a 1 day trip or maybe the weekend. Should be tons of fun in the NSX.

Another option and can easily be done in 1 day would be Mendocino county. Should be stunning out there. I haven't been out that way much either, seen some beautiful roads on the old program Bay Area Back Roads.

I'm very busy in the next few weekends so maybe in May or so. If anybody is interested maybe we can plan now. :)
I stop by Mono lake 5 years ago, and that's a one million years old salt lake with tufa. 395 is a lonely highway, and high speed is considered desirable :biggrin:
Not that we got much this year, but don't plan Yosemite until the snow melts and the passes open.

Just remember speeding tickets in the park are federal not state.

You might consider going over Sonora pass then down 395 to Mono lake then come back over Tioga pass thru Yosemite. It's slow going in some areas and would make for an incredibly long day from the Bay area. If you're going that far you might plan an overnight, especially if you want to stop and see some of the sights.

Ok lets start voting then. 1 day trip to Mendocino or Mono Lake? I'm ok for either. Weather forecast for this weekend is excellent for Mendocino county! 60's on both Sat and Sun and Sat only 10% chance of rain.


Mono Lake is 40% rain on Sat. and Sunny on Sun. I'm thinking lets do Mendocino first and in a month or two the weather will be better to go to Mono Lake.

Anybody good to go this weekend? I think I'm just gonna do it. Because I'll be busy for several weekends until the May 14/15th weekend.
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I'm in for Mendocino/coast tour. Overnight would also be good..