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Anyone track their NSX in the Houston or surrounding areas?

15 September 2011
I haven't heard any one doing it locally, but I was curious if anyone in the Houston area tracks their NSX? I would love to get some feedback on the local and surrounding tracks.

I quick search shows lots of drag strips but I would be interested in finding the tracks. As far as I know that are close in driving distance:

1. Texas Motor Speedway (College Station) - closes for good this summer
2. Grandsport Speedway (Hitchcock)
3. MSR Houston (Angleton)
4. COT (Austin)

I would be interested in knowing which ones offer the best value for track days and driver instruction. Maybe someone has been to all of them and know which is best?
I posted many times toxins track enthusiasts...

next trackday day is end of the month at TWS.

trackjunkies.org is a great resource
[MENTION=25592]HDA[/MENTION] Thanks for the link to track junkies. That is exactly what I was looking for.
[MENTION=31071]texmorales[/MENTION] MSR seems to be the nicest around Houston from what I have gathered, but it pretty flat. Coming from NOLA Raceway it seems like MSR is not as good and just as flat. NOLA is very nice and only lacks elevation in my opinion.
Forget the silk smooth asphalt of NOLA. Most of the tracks in Texas (beside COTA) have a bumpy, uneven pavement.
MSRH does have a small elevation change, but if that is what you are looking for you may want to go to Harris Hill next to Austin: that is a great track although bumpy in few sections.
Come to Motorsports Ranch Cresson! I run with Apex and it's a good value between driving instruction, time on track and time commitment. (1 day)

I bought a groupon 2 month member pass to Harris Hill, i'll probably be out there every other weekend.