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Bell Twin Turbo NSX

The owner never tried to do 1/4 mile nor Dyno the car. He also have a supra TT that he uses for 1/4 mile. I riden on that car, and was impressed by the power. Comparison to Supercharged Comptech with 9lb puley, the turbo seem to pull stronger. The installation was done by Bruce Nomura in Stockton. He is a japanese high end car expert. The Turbo been in the car for almost 2yrs now with no problem. From the conversation with the installer, he uses HKS Rebic III management system, and very confident about it. Bruce is a very nice and helpful guy. Might want to give him a call if u consider installing a turbo on your car.
yeah. That's what I thought RE Amemiya, but isn't it kind of weird to put these rims on Honda cars? It's like put the Mugen wheels on a FD3S. well, who cares..looks awesome!
I want to know how much does the turbo kit cost?