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best option for SC

The lowest elapsed time reported in a 405 hp Z06 of 11.783 seconds at 116.90 mph seconds was recorded by Jarrod Cunningham at Houston Raceway Park on January 10, 2004.

GM High Tech and Performance Magazine recorded 1/4 mile times of 11.97 seconds at 118.80 mph in their October 2004 issues for a 2004 Z06.

Come on now, we all know you love to bench race but stay in reality. On any normal day with stock tires and a non-prepped track the C5 Z06's will run 12.4 cars at 114 MPH. A friend of mine bought one new in 2004 and showed up to a local drag day. Guess what he ran, 12.4 @114 in NJ which has good air and sets many records. The guy was a solid DRer who had owned many cars, including a NSX.

The point is, for the pricing of a used high mileage C5 Z06 ($16k), you can make your NSX just as fast as one. :rolleyes::biggrin:
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