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Best place to buy an ABS Accumulator

19 October 2004
Exercising worked for a couple days but it is not a long term solution. Has anyone out there shopped these and know where the best place to buy is?

I am beside myself on whether to try and fix it or just bypass it. Thoughts?

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You should be able to buy an accumulator from any brake supply that stocks NISSIN brake parts.

(I used to get my Nissin parts from Foothill Brake Supply, La Crescenta, CA 91214. They do ship. They have no internet presence, so you have to call).

You do mean "accumulator" and not "modulator"?
If you can, wait patiently, this can be an expensive undertaking. Is the problem that the ABS pump keeps cycling? If so, you have a solenoid leaking. There are lots of write ups on this problem. Very common for the early cars.

Tomorrow I am going to take my extra ABS modulator housing, a solenoid and the housing that fits on top of the solenoid to a machinist. I am going to have a pair of blocks made to fit the solenoids so I can do a back flow flush on my work bench. The modulator housing and assembly is really very simple. I haven't figured out where the small black particles come from, but the modulator housing that I took apart had a lot of it in it.

I think that I have figured out how these solenoids are getting small particles into them that keeps them leaking. I hope to be able to flush the solenoids when I get this figured out. My car currently has the ABS pump relay removed. When I drive the car the ABS light comes on after about 1/4 mile. I am looking forward to getting my ABS working again.

The other option is that you can purchase a rebuilt unit from any Acura parts department for around $400.

Hang In There,

You can fool the ALB system by just jumping the pressure sensor. The light will not come on.

I'm not sure if Matt is aware of the difference between the modulator and the accumulator.

when u say abs keep cycling does that sound like the driver front there's like a air compressor going off like every few minutes? if so how to by pass the abs and not get the abs light on? (how to jump the pressure sensor)
1. Go find the ALB pressure sensor, under the brake master/booster. It is round flat disc about 50mm in diameter with a orange connector. (see picture)
2. Unplug it.
3. Take the orange connector end that is on the end toward the car and jump/short the metal contacts inside it. Jump/short means to use a wire (something like a paperclip) and connect the two metal parts inside the connector.

Your system is now wired up to think the ABS is fully pressurized.


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thanks Drew. i will try the trick after christmas. but i am gonna get it fixed soon i just hate the it pressureize every 3 minutes when i am driving.
will this effect tcs? or will it just bypass the abs pumping action?

This hack makes the ALB/ABS *think* everything is working perfectly and is ready to go.

Therefore, the ALB will be happy and remain in stand-by mode (no pumping), actually it won't do anything at all.

The TCS will be happy too.

I'm getting the same problem, making air pump noise from the ABS unit. I'll try the "jump/short the metal contacts inside it" method tonight.

If that does not work, I'll continue to look for a replacement unit. I tried looking for a ABS kill unit, but no luck.

I really hate this forum search feature, it cannot search for three or four letter words such as, "ABS".