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BEWARE 2004 Rio Yellow NSX-T JH4NA21624T000067 for sale on eBay

Whats crazy is I bought that type r style hood from him before seeing this thread. That accident most have happened with the hood propped up because it fit just fine on my car.

The car was crashed with the R hood on, I don't recall the hood being in bad shape but the front latch was ripped out.

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That's interesting. The holes for the latch was just fine. No indication it was ripped or torn off. It's fiberglass and I didn't see any cracks.

Do you remember the name of the person you were dealing with or was it just an ebay transaction?
He was local. I bought it a few months back. I forgot his name

It would be nice if we could figure out who is behind this scam. Do you mind sharing how you came across the hood?

The car was sold to John, Macninja77 on Prime. After a google search we found out the car went through a Copart auction so I assume John didn't want to take on the project and sold it to the guy who sold you the hood :D
I found it on craigslist. Met him at his house. Talked for a bit and left. He seemed nice. Sold me the hood for dirt cheap. Even offered to take it back if I didn't like the fitment
you can see in the pics the rails are bent to the left and after a wreck that bends the rails 100% fact the targa will leak.

should inform ebay of the missing bits of info
I asked about any prior damage and if he had pics before repairs. Here is his response:

"I bought the car as you see it now. Don't know much about it . All work was professionally done"
" Has over 15k$ in extras like double staggered 18/19 wheels with continental 245/275 tires. Type R spoiler, led taillights, lowered 3/4 (very comfortable ride with no issues) front lip (great quality) nice stereo with great sound exhaust, also the cabin has been insulated with sound deadener for noise reduction, side moldings (Oem quality), no cheap fiber glass parts. "

that came with the car not that he put money into it he only purchased it and marked it up. its a wrecked NSX with a non wrecked price

I would buy it for 25K max then strip it and put all those 04 parts into a coupe chassis
Such a Great Place! NSX's Only for Life!

Love this Place / Prime!!

Kind of feel cornered for life with buying NSX's only!:biggrin:
Can't buy any other car unless it checks out with the Brothers on Prime .. LOL!
I asked about any prior damage and if he had pics before repairs. Here is his response:

"I bought the car as you see it now. Don't know much about it . All work was professionally done"

I sent him the "before photos" and said the honest thing to do would be to include it in the fleabay listing..........

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Interestingly he didn't post the photos i sent him depicting the damage but he did lower the bin price 10k to $59k
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out him

this guy is a piece of sh*t and should be outed - i.e. real name / address. he's trying screw over a potential new owner. i came across his ad on craigslist and thought...decent price and great miles - not my cup of tea in terms of styling but otherwise something i would have pursued (and wasted my time on). an unsuspecting buyer who doesn't get a good ppi / do internet research is bound to become a victim of this bastard.
Car is being listed again as clean title in Ma.

Easy autoworks and sales.
Pictures from old tread. Front horns were bend good.

VIN: JH4NA21624T000067
Odometer: 25,964








From the ad no mention of salvage....busta move.......
First post here. I'm hoping to be an NSX owner sometime in the future. I saw this car on Manheim and thought it was pretty cheap. Did a Google search and here I am reading this whole thread. I am glad this community exists! Will definitely be back when I find a potential car to get help vetting it out.

Here's the CarFax if anyone is intersted: