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Beware of mackin!/help with Volk gtc

27 March 2003
alameda, ca
can anyone help me locate the bolt and nut combo that locks the inner piece to the outter piece. i talked with mackin industries (the sole distributor in th USA) and they won't even try to help me because they state it is a liablity issue! you would think for the price of the rims you get better service :mad:

thanx for any input
What do you mean by inner piece and outter piece?

The 2 piece that constructs the wheel is the face and the lip.

the orginal poster is called "Jedi Boy" and the recent response came from "Darth Maul" hehehe.

I thought Mackin only deals with distributor?
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Mackin do not sell parts to the wheel. They only sell the entire wheel thru distributors.

Parts they do carry for wheels are Center caps, hub centric rings and lug nuts.

Mackin and Rays will not endorse you taking the wheel apart.

If you are missing fasteners I suggest going to a industrial fastener place to match what you need.

www.mcmaster.com is a great source.
hey guys,

thanx for the replies. i appreiciate the advise. i am missing the fastners (bolt and nut) that connects the inner piece to the lip. i had a flat tire repaired and off course the tire repair shop ended up scratching the rim and they had to send it out to get it repaired. when i got to washing the car a week later the scratches were gone but so was one of the bolts/fasteners! i don't know if it was the rim repair shop or what.