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Big Foot poblem

30 November 2000
Prescott, AZ, USA
After years of driving much lesser sports cars, I bought an NSX as a retirement gift to myself. In preparation, I took the 4 day Bondurant course and discovered I have a problem with my big feet (size 12-4E). During one drill I completely trashed the brakes on my Mustang (the pedal went to the floor). Later, when the instructor rode with me on the track, he discovered that when I braked hard, my foot would catch the gas pedal too, with predictable results. The frightening part for me was that I couldn't tell it was happening myself. There was simply too much going on- hauling into a corner, looking for the brake point, napping a downshift, setting up the line, all accompanied by high-level noise- for me to hear the engine or focus on the tac. Anyone else with big feet have this problem?

As for the NSX, I can't heel and toe at all, and I find the space between brake and accelerator very tight. As an old fart, I have no delusions about ever being able to drive up to the car's potential, but I do have a more modest goal- I would like to LOOK like I know how to drive. Any help, comments?
I had a similar problem with my feet (13 wides). When I first started driviing my NSX I took off my shoes once in the car and drove with just socks on. Now I just pivot my forefoot as far right as possible to avoid nipping the brakes during acceleration. As for braking, I just try to use only enough of my foot that I fell confident that I have control of the pedal. Anyways, good luck, you'll figure out what works for you.
Thanks for the suggestions, Sig. I thought about driving shoes, but I would feel presumptuous given my level of skill. I'll try the shoe-off approach when I drive down to Starbucks today (one of the perks of retired life!.
I don't have particularly large feet, but with the installation of MOMO pedals the space between pedals is tighter and footwork is consequently more demanding.
I don't have driving shoes yet, but in the meantime I've found that my ECCO (a European walking shoe) shoes work nicely. They're relatively narrow and the sole is a grippy rubber that has good sensitivity.
Good luck. And congratulations, on both your NSX and your retirement!

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Originally posted by Edo:
Dont get caught driving without shoes...If I recall right driving without shoes is not exactly legal.

This is not true, at least in California. Driving without shoes is perfectly legal. And if they tried to criminalize it, I'm sure the Surfer Lobby would knock it down