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BLACK & WHITE photoshot

24 August 2004
On an older thread, I posted up some of my wheels and asked for the community's opinion as to which wheel set up you guys like best and it seems the Volks SF-Challenge won hands down across the board.


I do like the car with the SF's 19/18 set up, but I can't seem to motivate myself to put the Volk's back on as I think I really like how the 02+ OEMs look on my car. Also, after a day at NIGUEL MOTORS (new clutch + headers) the car drives and response sooooooo nicely now. The SF-Challenge looks nice and yes...it added a bit of bling which was nice, but did feel very heavy when driving the car. I didn't notice at first how heavy my car felt sense I ran nothing but 19/18 since day one when I first purchased the car, but now with the smaller wheel set up, clutch, and headers....wow! I'm loving how she drives now. The next step I guess would just to go FI, but for now, I think I'm going to stick with this current set up.

Had some time to do a photoshot so here are some pics I just wanted to share.

click here for entire album > MyPhotobucket

Just some pics of my current set up.




Looking great, I see the brides are out... wondering who's going to be getting them??? :biggrin:
Looks nice and agree that the OEM rims give much more driving pleasure. Have you thought about painting the mirrors black ... IMO would look good with the CF hood

regards, Paul
I love it, you gotta roll with what works and on a white NSX, the NSX-R OEM looks never gets old to me. True, straight up JDM, flavor:biggrin: That being said, Id go with the 02+ side skirts and replace the one's you currently have:wink:
glad you went with the 02+ oem wheels with spacers. It looks 10x's better now.
man....your car looks gorgeous.... every time i see a non 02+ like yours, i wonder if doing the conversion i'll be doing the right thing :confused: :confused:
What's up Hac?

Great pics.... I like this one the best..


I know what you mean regarding the weight of the wheels. I just replaced the 18/19's Work Meisters S1 with 18/19's Advans AVS Model 5's and I could tell the difference between the two sets. The Advans are much lighter which made my NSX feel very different in a very positive way.

So, the Advans may not be as responsive as the 17/17's that your sporting now, but if you ever decide to go back to 18/19's there are some options to consider.

Besides, you know what they say;

Ladies Love 18/19's on an NSX :biggrin:

Hey Hac I just noticed your lug nuts are different than my OEM ones. Make sure they have a ball seat(OEM) and not the conical seat for aftermarket rims.
LIES! That's a color photo, not black and white! :tongue: :wink:

JK looks good man hehe. :biggrin:
Great pictures.. You using a SLR? Your baby looks like it still has OEM paint on it. :)
Great pictures.. You using a SLR? Your baby looks like it still has OEM paint on it. :)

Actually...those pictures where taken with a point and shot camera. lol..just played with angles and manual settings alot and yes...90% of my car is still OEM GPW. :smile: it's getting harder and harder by the day to keep it OEM color. I'm trying but my battle is coming to a losing one..and one day I will have to spray her down entirely.
Just revisited this and have some questions ...

what size spaces are you running on the OEM 17's please?
Have you any clearance/rubbing issues?
What effects on handling?

Thanx in advance, Paul
old thread but i just saw it.

great looking car. everything looks great.

still not sure if i like the OEM unpainted lip with such an aggressive side skirt(lower than oem)