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Bleeding 91 NSX Help

15 February 2005
Hello again,
I have just got a brand new Brake Master cylinder and found it hard to bench test, so I put it on the car and bleed it that way, It took me a few hours but still my brake is spongie and I dont know what else to do? I see no air bubbles!
do I have to bladding the abs?


You should not have to bleed the ABS to get a firm pedal. They are isolated systems from the fluid perspective. I did make an assumtion here that your ABS system is working properly and that might not be correct, so keep that in mind. If the ABS is OK, my statement above holds, but if your ABS has problems, then all bets are off:).

MarkB will have a more definitive comment about ABS/main system interaction if the ABS system has an issue, I have not experienced an ABS failure that has caused the main system to fail myself.

Please describe your bleeding process and did you follow the bleed sequence in the service manual? How much fluid have to put into the system? Has the reservoir ALWAYS been full? A complete flush typically takes about a pint. So I would think you could use about that amount on a fresh master and full bleed, maybe a little more.

I have bleed the mater , I might have to keep bleeding then, What sequence should I do it in? I live in australia and have a RHD nsx.

Thanks again