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Brake master cylinder

10 March 2004
Frankenmuth, MI
Does anyone have DIY things to do and not do when replacing brake master cylinder? And also where is a good dealer to get one from? My local Acura dealership in Detroit are knuckleheads!!

Thank You
Erick Schmitt
I'm in the exact same boat. I am getting pedal fade when the temps go up in the afternoon. I could use any information anyone might have. Thanks, Kary

On-line service manual link on the main NSXPrime page will give you a world of insight:). Left side of the page just scroll down a bit.


Sounds like you have crappy brake fluid that needs to be changed. Are you saying whenever the car/brakes are cold the pedal is fine?? If so, change the fluid. Reference above:).

I replaced mine about a month ago, and it was a snap. Just make sure to measure the plunger height with your old one. If they're the same height, you're good to go. If not, you'll have to do some brake pedal adjustments.

PM me if you want and I can explain in greater detail.
The brakes are fine and the pedal is firm until the outside temperature goes up, and then the pedal starts to sink when applying the brakes. I think I will try changing the fluid first. I have only had the car since Feb. and it has always been cold, so there has never been a problem until now. Thanks for your suggestions.