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Brand new mugen headers (high rollers only)

17 February 2008
asking $4800-LIMITED-The exhaust manifold is one of the components that dictate engine characteristics. Mugen has released an exhaust manifold for the 96 spec. R with a 4-into-1 layout that increases the power torque in the mid and high-speed ranges. This has led to numerous victories in circuit fields, including gymkhana, in the hands of top drivers. Meanwhile, Honda has incorporated a 4-into-1 layout exhaust manifold as part of the developments towards the 98 spec. Type R. The details are probably easy to guess. However, the Mugen exhaust manifold surpasses mass-produced parts in both power and torque. A 4-into-1 exhaust manifold is provided for the 98 spec. R to achieve further increases in top-end power. A 4-2-1 type has also been developed, primarily for gymkhana use, and this offers excellent controllability and derivability specifications with increased power and torque in the 5,800 to 7,750 rpm range.