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Broken Door TABS. Repair and Reinforce.

17 May 2007
I just recently took my door panels off to get my amps repaired. Sent them to Briank. (He is fast to fix and return them to you. Awesome Turn around time!!!!) Anyway. I took my time taking off the door panels and noticed that some of the tabs were cracked and 2 of them completely broken. I can't have that so I repaired them. I decided to reinforce all the remaining tabs also. (I guess all the years of opening and closing the doors would do that to the tabs.) I had to cut some metal tabs out of not quite sure what is called but, I included pictures of it. (got it from homedepot.) I cut them to the shape of the plastic door tabs. I bent the smaller end of the metal tab at a 90 degree angle so it would wrap down around the back of the platic tab for more strength and glue surface. All the plastic tabs are all now reinforced. I glued them on the inside of panel so they will not show at all. Now onto the repair of the broken tabs. Now that the broken tabs had a metal tab sticking out I cut some plastic shapes to match the other plastic tabs. I shaped them so the would fit like a puzzle piece. Glued them on and painted them with flat black paint. Good as new or mabey even better now because they stronger with metal reiforcements. I know some might think hey just get new parts for the door. I guess I could do that. But I'm thinking the new ones would crack again anyway. Just an idea for you guys and gals who like to fix things.


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Thanks for the suggestion. At least I know where to take extra care when i'm replacing my amps. Have you thought about using a panel popper?

I have coved a repair for this same problem here:

Another good solution is buying new interior door panel perimeter sections from Acura.

You seldom need all three.

People yanking away on the panels and using tools like the one above before investigating are the reason most NSX's that I've seen have a few broken tabs.
I was inside the driver door this weekend lubing the window tracks (much better but still not great), and why the courtesy light was dead (bent contact). The two topmost tabs, as well as all the BOSE tabs were broken, as well as part of the vapor barrier detached and torn :mad: And the only record I have of that being opened was by a PO's Acura dealer for a regulator replacement.

Seems to be holding together OK for now but I'll have to go back in and try this fix.
The door panels are screwed on. No need for a popper :p
I pulled off the panels this wknd to get to the amps. I know what everyone is talking about now. It's the first door panel i've pulled off w/o the need of a popper.

Great suggestion on the tab repair. I might have my own technique too which i'll post as an option.
I have replaced the original small-head screws with black sheet metal screws for the broken tabs on my door panels. The large "overhang" on the lip of these screws overlap the remaining half-tab on the broken tabs and do a great job of holding the panels. These same screws will also secure the door speakers as well. When using this method, be sure to select a screw with a wide flat head.

Very similar to this screw, only black.


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