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Brown Bear Car Wash

26 January 2005
Curves and Bends
I am not sure of other regions; but here in Seattle, we have Brown Bear Car Wash. I have always hand washed my cars; but age and time has wore me down and now I am always looking for a lazy way out. I took my Honda Element through a Brown Bear Car Wash for the first time and I have to say that it got it super squeeky clean. I ran my fingers through and all the dirt and grime is gone.

I went through the "touchless" terminal and my Element was never onced had any contact. It was all done with pressured water. The paint looks great and the wash left no marks or swirls in the paint after careful inspection.

I am thinking of taking my NSX through; but wanted to get thoughts and opinions.....
Are you talking about the one on NE8th street? Every time I drive my NSX up there, that's the first place I used to clean my NSX before going to see my friends. It is not that different than most other touchless wash.