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CalCoastalNSX Meeting-Thurs, May 19th in Santa Monica. Canyon drive discussion!

19 February 2001
Southern California
Please RSVP me ASAP, as I need to notify the restaurant of a headcount (normally 15-20)

We're Back!!!!!!

The next CalCoastalNSX Meeting is Thursday, May 19th in Santa Monica @ 7pm

This will be your first opportunity to pay for the upcoming drive lunch/raffle.

Newer Location-Please take note

Coco's Restaurant (next to our old El Torito meeting place-RIP)
3440 Ocean Park Blvd. (Close to where the 405 & the 10 meet)
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 450-6257

Click me for the Map

This is a reminder and our monthly meetings will be on the third Thursday of every month.

For our raffle prize this month, I have the 2 correct long oil filter/washer for the NSX I will be giving away. Study up on your NSX trivia, as the correct or closest to the question will win the filters. Micro Fibers towels are also being given away!

Don't miss out on your opportunity to win one of our famous door prizes!

Our meetings usually start @ 7-7:30PM and end about 9:30-10:00. Have some good eats, check out the cars, take some fun rides, and be sure to come and enjoy the comradery with your fellow NSX lovers! Spouses are always welcomed!

Hm, maybe we better all meet at E3 instead! (JK) Yah wont be able to make it either, week after would be np though.
akira3d said:
I hope so...we haven't bumped into each other at past E3 or related events, have we?
Yeah we did, at last year's company booth. I met some of your fellow artists.

Regarding my post above, I was actually referring to the company "party" later. ;)

Cash payments for the drives lunch are being accepted tonight at the meeting! Remember, today is the last day for attendies on the list to pay. Tommorrow, anyone (nsx owners that is :biggrin: ) can fill the list up. .
Don't miss out!
I will try to make it there, this will by my first meeting with the SM folks.
new member here getting a NSX soon. Hope you guys dont mind if i come by to check out your sweet rides, as im looking to get one on the next great deal. Just missed the deal of a lifetime yesterday...a 95 nsx-t for $28,900 with 66k miles and clean title. The guy had to sell it because he needed the money to buy a house. I called him and he in the middle of selling it. so i was 1hr too late. Anyways, ill be there with my crappy z4 =). plus i need to convince my chick hahahaha.