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Canadian OEM Daytime Running Lamps

21 October 2000
Phoenix, AZ
Does anyone have a source/contact or any information regarding the Canadian OEM daytime running lamps? There is removal/installation info for them in my '93 service manual but no part #'s. There is also a pic of them in NA1-T's post in the photo gallery of the Vancouver meeting. (They are on the Blue NSX with the girls.) I don't know if you can purchase or install these on U.S. vehicles but I'm trying to avoid putting on aftermarket foglights.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I think you would have no problem physically mounting them, however the wiring for them, I do not recall the fuse number off hand, is not present on american models. I had explored this for someone else in the past. If you need the details let me know and I will research it again. It was all detailed in my 1991 manual. If the manual you have shows these lights, look at the fuse #, when you look in the fuse box (front, right side) there actually is NO terminal (i.e. no wiring) for the fuse to insert into. Obviously you could wire it yourself.

I would't waste my time with Acura Sherway if I were you. They tried to sell me a new starter (after charging me over $200 in labour to diagnose the problem). I later found out on my own that all I needed is a new battery!

They may have a web site and all - but don't take their advice on an NSX.
Thanks for the info. I called them and found out they would be about $440 (U.S.) per pair. I discovered from my '93 service manual that the running lights are connected to fuse #3 located in the under-dash fuse box behind the left kick panel. Fortunately, there IS a fuse terminal there (minus the fuse). Just wanted to post my findings for those of you who might be interested. Larry thanks for your input also.