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i am not bashing anyone's ideas but this project was kinda dead even before it started. why?
you will not be able to anchor the fasteners within the thin carbon securely enaugh to deal with forces presented by the latching mechanisms and flexing of the chassis. if you do make the carbon thick enaugh to handle those fasteners, it will be heavier than the aluminum.
please spend your effort on something worthy- how about an affordable replacement for the firewall trim/crap?
If the glass top could be made i forsee lots of members buying it, kinda like the nsx-r spoilers and hoods. That top should have come from the factory with a glass option.
Honestly, from a CF perspective, virtually everyone that's interested in a CF top would be very happy with a solid overlay. The weight advantage is very minimal and the cost to do it right, would be extremely cost prohibitive.

... So let's just get the overlay, cool? It would also need to be the two trim pieces parallel to the main top, otherwise, it would look very tacky, and imo, not sell.

NSX guy's are picky. They want high quality stuff that works, with very few compromises and reasonable costs.. Sometimes those parameters are too hard to match.. but when they are matched, things sell like hotcakes... The Seibon TR wing I think is one example. Everyone that wants one, now has one. Either b/c they shelled out bigger bucks for the DF, or because the Sibon TR for the price is a very good piece, with very few compromises... or the Taitec GTLW's, and some other parts too.

Again, I'd really like to see a high quality overlay and I know it would sell. POS CF center consoles sell for as high as $500.00! CF overlay tops will also sell. DO IT!
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If the glass top could be made i forsee lots of members buying it, kinda like the nsx-r spoilers and hoods. That top should have come from the factory with a glass option.

We are researching that too.
Looks very interesting.
Re: Carbon fiber full Roof overlay for nsx

Hello I am also looking for a roof overlay for my 1992 Nsx full roof & side pieces.Does no company offer this yet ?
Any updates? :cool:
Resurrecting this post and adding my $.02 cents. :)

Roof overlay w/o the outer side trim would IMO actually look better. If you have the outer trim, then you better run that CF down the left and right side windshield frame since it's essentially on the same vehicle visual lines. Leaving it off would be more like the popular vinyl and two tone look that has become popular after this thread died.
Since its resurrected, I'll add my 2 cents as well. I know the ship seems to have sailed on the full carbon fiber roof but there are more and more targa versions of cars that have demonstrated that it can be done and that it can have several benefits including: 1. providing structural strength to the body, 2. lowering the center of gravity and 3. reducing weight. The biggest advantage being number 1. This could be a huge benefit to NSX T owners that have been looking for ways to reduce chassis flex and have hit a plateau after adding the usual aftermarket support braces. When the new Lambo Aventador was designed with one, I thought, well that's what you can do for a couple of $100K but then the C7 Corvette came out with one and I thought, maybe this is an idea whose time has come.

I am not interested as much in the "look" of carbon fiber as the potential rigidity benefits and I would think that many other Primers would see it the same way. Unfortunately these Primers were not the first to weigh in and this thing got killed right off the bat.