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Cartech Twin turbo system

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9 May 2001
Dexter, MI 48130
I am afraid I may be addicted to the GFCP. Currently, I have Cartech Twin turbo system on my OBD2 car and am seriously considering the FX500. I would be looking to sell my system which includes 2 t-28 turbochargers, stainless exhaust and all of the hardware including the Rebic IV auxiliary injector controller. I am looking for the best offer over $4000. Tim
Can you please send some specs, and photos? I'm within days of have the CTSC installed; and would much rather go the CarTech route if it's reliable and a no brainer install on a 91.

Seat of the pants or real dyno info would be great too!
Having received alot of PM, I will try to answer all of you at once as well as some recommendations.

The kit was installed on my car by Cartech and now has around 1000 miles. The system uses Garrett T28 turbochargers with separate air/air aftercoolers mounted behind the wheels Mounted in this location, they don't appear to get especially dirty but I tend to drive only in good weather. As my car is OBD2, it uses a Rebic 4 to control 2 auxiliary injectors. On the dyno, the car was at (memory recall) around 360 hp and 275 torque on a Dynojet on 5.5 lbs boost. The oiling system for the turbochargers has worked perfectly since some changes were made but I have all of the tubing and adapters to run it like the Cartech originally installed it. Everything is essentially bolt on.

OBD1: It should work on an OBD1 system but you may need to get the adapters from SOS where the post 96 cars can use an aftermarket exhaust. The entire system right now bolts on directly to the cats and replaced the entire exhaust system. This is a cat-back turbo system.

Recommendations: For all cars, an electronic boost controller. This will allow faster spool of the turbos. Currently, it uses rod actuated wastegate. Electronic boost controller is NOT included.

OBD1: AEM ECU! This should help unlock around 40 more HP looking at previous postings by FactorX as well as increased reliability.

I will try and post pictures later. Tim

For the pre-95 cars, there will need to be some cutting of the setup to bolt onto your car. The adapters to which I was referring was to fit a pre-95 exhaust onto a post-95 car. Since the kit is from a 98, this extra length will need to be cut off. It is not going to be a simple bolt on for a pre-95 car. Sorry for the confusion.

SOLD Thanks to everyone who expressed interest. The system has been sold.
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