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Chin spoilers are ready!!

7 December 2004
"RM" Chin spoilers are ready!!

The "RM" chin spoilers are complete and will be ready for shipping as soon as the box manufacturer finishes the boxes to ship them in.
The prices are:
$170.00 shipped for the non-ducted version
$190.00 shipped for the ducted version
[email protected] for questions.
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Pictures please! :smile:
I'm looking for a good alternative to the WW lip. Pics please.

Ok, I can't figure out how to make the file small enough to upload without losing picture quality.
If you email me the photo, I can host it and link it for you.


[email protected]
RM spoiler installed

This link shows a RM chin spoiler on an NSX. Not sure is this is the same as posted here.

click HERE

bclark said:
Thanks for posting that Skyguy, that's the spoiler.

If you get mine shipped to me I will post a pic of one mounted on the front of my car! :biggrin:
what about the ducted version? (pic)

ducted version pic??
The boxes are SUPPOSED to be delivered on Wednesday and I'm planning on shipping Thursday, so you may have it by the weekend.
They first orders shipped today. Sorry I didn't get it to you before the weekend, but you Should have it Mon. or Tues.
Dealing with the box company was HUGE pain in the butt!!
They made them about 4 inches longer than I had requested and the extra length bumped the shipping price up to almost $100.00 each!!
I had to cut the boxes down to get the shipping price realistic, but it wasn't that big of a deal.

Anyway, they are on the way to you guys that purchased them already and I hope you like them. There are no instructions, but the installation is very simple and you shouldn't have any problems. Also, I'm sure you know that come unfinished, but are totally paintable. They look great if you just scuff them with a scotchbrite pad and paint them with flat black out of a spray can. The entire process takes maybe half an hour and the results are really nice.