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Club Monte Carlo Blue

29 October 2011
Bay Area, Ca.
Looking to see the how many Monte Carlo Blues we have out there? I find this an amazing candy apple blue color that changes drastically in different light, hard to believe that they made so few in this color. Please post pics, with model year!


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My last car :tongue:


Beats the hell out of my Brooklands Green :frown:
I'm here to support the MCB club! I love the colour and although I have a Berlina Black car I do drool over the MCB cars when the light shines on them.

Kudos to all.
If anyone in this club is going to sell their Monte Carlo Blue please PM me before advertising. Have been looking for sometime and would love to work out a deal. Thanks!
Well, well, well....

Lightings off i know... :tongue:

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With other ladies...

with brooklands

with blu

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back to work :sulkiness: have a great weekend all ...x
Joined the club last night, very pleased and lucky, there are only a couple here in Australia and its a JDM Manual Coupe. Always loved the color along with LBBP / Monaco Blue.