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Club Monte Carlo Blue

I've been a huge fan of this thread and blue NSX's for several years now. Just wanted to say I joined the club yesterday! Picked up a 2000 Monaco Blue/ Black 6-speed with Comptech supercharger. Will post pics soon and will be a regular contributor to this thread.
Z moneys car? congrats...
I test drove Zorrane's car once, that boost is nice! Congrats!

Ha! That's me driving away before my trek back to Vegas. Thanks bros, this boost is something else, Z kept immaculate care of this car.
pic request..

any blue nsxs out there with red carpet/interior?
snap! i dig it :) thanks mexi! yes arc and got advan rs finally :D
Two questions:

Anyone here thinking about selling? If so PM me. I don't mind an automatic either. Who bought TAG's old car?

Anyone have a picture next to a Midnight Pearl (Purple) NSX? I'd love to see the two in the same light.


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How many montecarlo blue Nsx with tan interior out there


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Just saw this only 10 mcb with tan
The production numbers shown in the NSX Prime library has MCBs with onyx interior at 33 across all production years and MCB with tan interior at 33. That was for US production numbers.