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Club Monte Carlo Blue

Interesting. The first link says (about the Monte Carlo Blue) that from around 1993, it was a ¥150,000 ($1,248.54 @ ¥120.14/USD) option, and that NSX owners consider it a popular color even amongst popular colors!

The Long Beach Pearl was a ¥500,000 ($4,161.81 @ ¥120.14/USD) option.

Monte Carlo truly is a beautiful color; the best NSX color I think. Even though I have yet to see one in real life. :)

I like to think so as well, come down to so cal :D





These are not my photos, but they are of my car!

I took some recently but they aren't as good as these.

I confirmed that this indeed my car by zooming in on the VIN tag that appears in a photo of the front compartment!

Link to more: http://www.crest-mx.com/vcsMember/stockList/photoList.html?shopNo=735-2&carNo=2

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do you have any shots of the car on the far left? I'm really curious as to which wheels he has on the car.. Cheers R

Along side Conrad and Tim at NSXPO 2015 :D[/QUOTE]
any MC owners have the 02 tails? trying to see how the amber looks
Gone Too Long...

As soon as I find a wheel(s), she'll roll again.


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This thread is amazing. MCB is beautiful on this car. Please PM me if anyone on this thread is considering selling their MCB. It's time to replace my Berlina.

heh...the "i'd sell my current nsx for an MCB in a heartbeat" line is pretty long at this point.
heh...the "i'd sell my current nsx for an MCB in a heartbeat" line is pretty long at this point.

Well then I am glad I am officially in line then ;). And FWIW - depending on mileage and condition I would be willing to pay $65K to $75K. Been trying to reach jonnsx who had his listed late last year but to no avail.
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Does anyone know who the owner of the 1997 MCP NSX Coupe is? Is that owner on NSX Prime? I would like to get in contact with this owner.
added the Pride R wing and the DF trunk spoiler :) also finally got to take a pic of my 2 blue beauties



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