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Clutch problem??

15 December 2011
Houston, Texas
So tonight leaving a store I was putting my car in reverse and it was really hard to get it in gear. I then noticed it took more than normal pressure to get it in first.
When in first gear with the clutch pushed down waiting for the light to turn green and push the gas the car started shaking and making noise, almost like a really heavy idle.
Can anyone guide me on what this may be and how to fix it? Do I need a new clutch?
I checked my trans fluid and it seems to be ok...
The car drives excellent other than this and it changes gears very smoothly when driving and going from 1-2-3-4-5....it's just going into 1st and reverse when it's very difficult to push into gear and it also vibrates when I have the clutch pushed down and the car in first waiting to give it has and accelerate forward.
If it is the clutch what's a fair price for a new clutch with install and who do you recommend?
How did you check your trans fluid?
You know I assumed it was the trans fluid. The container up front under the hood next to the break fluid. I just assumed it was my trans fluid.
Is this not? Do you know where it's located if that's not it?
My garage is very dimly lit and I used my iPhone light to try to see my way around so I guess I need to bust out the owners manual :/
Ok so that's what I get for assuming. :/
After reading the owners manual I guess I was checking the abs fluids etc. the only way I can see to check the trans fluid level is getting under the car and pulling out the plug.
I'll have to get back on this tomorrow when there is better light but any comments as to what the problem could be if it's not low or old trans fluid would be appreciated. :)
Sounds like the clutch is not full disengaging. Check your clutch fluid level first. Check for any obvious leaks from the clutch master cylinder(the piston assembly the clutch pedal pushes in) and the slave cylinder(the piston assembly that pushes the clutch arm on the transmission).