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Cobble Beach Concours....a must event....Sunday 13th September

14 August 2008
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Cobble Beach is now in it's 3rd year. Last year Bram, Rob, Tony and I attended, it was a most incredible day.
There were over a 100 classic cars exhibited from all over North America from the 1920s right up to modern supercars.
A car that has been exhibited can only return after 3 years, so this year will be totally new from last year.
Bram managed to obtain special parking for the NSXers next door to the main display.
So come out, show your car, enjoy the company of your fellow NSXers and the tremendous variety of cars displayed, vendors, and entertainment.

Please sign up on this thread, so we can tell organisers how many NSXs will be there.

Web page for Cobble Beach Concours





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I'm in as well!

My +1 is tentative.

I see we can buy tickets online, is that the process we should follow? Or, is there something else going on through the club?
Also, should I be buying my ticket(s) in advance? Or can I buy them, say, the day of (in case the weather turns foul)?

Lucas, don't buy Tickets, the Club Is working with the Cobble Beach Organizers, to arrange special parking on the Lawn for NSX's and entry.

Barry's Son Mat will attend too.

PS you must be a Paid Club member to part of this Display.

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All set to take part in this first class event at such a high profile venue. Thanks to the Club in supporting all attendees to take part. Obviously A benefit for being a NSXCC member. Thx to the exec in negotiating us some front roll seats as well. See you all Sunday (bright and early)

To those attended last year, Any particular dress code we should be aware of? From some of the photos, people seems to be quite dressy, like they are at church. Some feedback would help. Thx guys.
Great turn out a Cobble. Not the best of weather to take the 2.5 hr drive up but we made the most of it. I even took in a spirited test drive in a Cayman S. Here are few pics I took from the morning.

Nice line up shot at the driving range:



Two of my favorite classic of the morning.


Here is one more. Still have the poster hanging in my basement.


This is still my favorite car of the day.


Big thanks to the club for organizing our participation. I know the general admission is quite expensive and it was a nice surprise that we didn't have to pay. Thank you NSXCC.
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Thanks Owen for great pictures.
6 NSXs and 11 members attended. Great time by all. A few more pictures.


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