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Colorado NSXers???

27 March 2004
Last fall, I think Mike and Brian and several others planned some NSX events for this spring and summer. I know Brian moved to Arizona, so I was just wanting to know what the schedule was so I could plan on attending some events. I would be happy to help in any way I can with these. If you want a beautiful So. Colorado drive let me know. The scenic highway of legends up through Cuchara is a great drive. Also, the drive to Taos and Red River is a great NSX drive as well. Please let me know what the plans are. The Pike's Peak Acura gathering was fun last year. Any word on that this year???

take care.

Hi Chris, I'm interested in doing some get togethers also. I didn't know Brian moved, that's a shame, he had a lot of energy for putting things together. I'm still planning on coming out for the CP car show June 5, not sure if Mikemo is involved in the planning this year or not. It'd be nice to do a group drive the day before. The car show info is at www.cpco.org/concours

We are going do do an NSX meet here at the dealership again this year, but the date has not been set yet. Will let you guys know as soon as we finalize.

Brian Vinson
Pikes Peak Acura
Man...talk about timing...I emailed Brian for the list of phone numbers and email addresses of those that are not on prime...haven't heard back yet...but, here is the scoop for the car show...


Again this year our club (NSX Club of America, Southwest Region) will host the Exotic Sports Car Show in conjunction with a ton of other clubs...don’t miss this gala charity event to benefit Cerebral Palsy of Colorado.

This year’s event is scheduled for Sunday, June 5, 2005 on the front lawn of Arapahoe Community College, located at 5900 South Santa Fe Drive, in Littleton, Colorado. The show is open to spectators from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and awards will be presented at 2:00 p.m. This gala affair will feature the best and the most beautiful sports, exotic and classic automobiles ranging from early classic and collector cars to vintage and rare, current models. If you have participated in the past, you know what an outstanding show this is! Our goal this year is to have over 300 cars on display and to raise over $50,000.

Funds for this event will benefit Cerebral Palsy of Colorado’s children’s programs. CP of Colorado provides quality early intervention, family support, preschool and early care and education programs to 800 children and their families from diverse incomes, ethnicities and ability levels. The organization is committed to helping families and children achieve their fullest potential in an integrated and diverse environment that honors the abilities of all children and families. Proceeds from the Concours d’ Elegance will help CP of Colorado provide nutrition programs for children, health and dental screenings, social worker support and a variety of therapies. A visit to one of the Creative Option centers can be arranged for anyone who is interested. In addition to children’s programs, CP of Colorado offers employment services, grassroots parent support groups for caregivers of children and adults with disabilities and a statewide system of information, referral and education.

There are several ways you can help to make this event an overwhelming success. Participate by entering a car, even if you don’t want to compete, you can still enter your car for display only. Or, ask all of your friends and family to come to the event as spectators. Remember, your car must be pre-registered by May 19, 2005 to be judged, to avoid the late registration fee, and to be included in the show program. If you register late or on the morning of the event, your car will not be judged.

For anyone who needs a registration form, PM me or go to CPCo_Org for registration...

I will spearhead the events this summer since Brian is no longer here in Denver. And, we will definitely do something the Saturday before the car show...any ideas???

thanks so much for helping out with this cause...Mike

Love to attend the car show, but have other commitments that weekend. That's why I wanted to find out what events might have been planned because it seems that the schedule fills up so fast anymore!! Hope to see you guys soon at Pike's Peak or somewhere this summer!!!

We must keep up what Brian and you started. You guys have been great!

You can count me in for the show, and probably one other person here in Boulder. Southern colorado trips are a stretch from here, but i am paying attention.
I'll be there. It was fun last year, and I'm glad it will be on the grass again. There was a threat to put it onto an asphalt surface, which would take away greatly from the ambiance.
I will be out of town the Saturday before the show but I made sure I would be back for the show itself.

I'm looking forward to some nice drives this summer. Are there still plans for a track event?

91 Black/Black
Everyone that met had some level of responsibility for the events that we scheduled...the track event was Brian's...so, I don't know about that issue...

Steve...why don't you take that one since Brian isn't here?....
BRIVIN said:
How is the new transmission Cal? Give us a call and let us know how you like it.


Unfortuantely I haven't had much time to see. We were in a head on collision in our Titan truck a couple of weeks ago and I've been spending all of my time healing and dealing with insurance companies. It was a pretty bad crash (they had to cut me out) but I came through with amazingly few injuries. My wife needed surgery but is coming along fine. Hopefully I'll get to drive the NSX later this month. God, luck and great engineering saved my life. The other driver was not so lucky. I'll give you guys a yell when I get a chance to test everything out.

That doesn't sound good at all! Do you need anything? Can we do anything?

Give a call or send me an email, you have my number.
Holy S__t!! I'm sorry to hear that Cal. Let us know if you need anything at all. Hope you and your wife get well soon.

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Please don't hesistate to call...so sorry to hear about the accident...glad you and yours are okay...Mike
Thanks, everybody for the support. I'm really bummed out not being able to try out the new short gears and R&P. Perhaps I can claim not being able drive my baby as a form of "pain and suffering"! Just joking. :smile:

Thanks again

I was talking with Jeff this morning and we are still planning on another NSX day at Pikes Peak Acura later this summer, I will post more later on this. We would like to invite all of you to the Pikes Peak Motorsports Grand Prix at PPIR saturday and sunday of memorial day weekend for our SCCA races. It will be the first time that our NSX is on the track this year after rebuilding the motor. Races usually start around 1:00pm. You will not be able to drive your cars on the track as it is an SCCA sanctioned event. However: we will be offering lunch time rides in an NSX that usually start around 11:30 to 12:00. If any of you are interested give me a call at 719-633-1500 for details. Come hang out and watch the NSX and the Integras race.

Brian Vinson
Awesome!!! Thanks so much for the info. Last year was a lot of fun and I appreciate you and Jeff for having us then, and thanks in advance for this year's NSX day. That was pretty cool seeing all those NSXs lined up at the dealership. Take care.
Phooey. I've got a kid graduating from Law School in Washington, DC that weekend. Perhaps next time
I'm in need of some information. I've never been to the CP concours or the NSX Day. Are you trying to have some NSXs on display or are you just looking for modified cars? I have a '95 Brooklands Green/Tan which is only slightly modified ( I had it converted into a station wagon) and I'd be willing to display it, however, I have no interest in it being judged.


P.S. I may have lied about the modifications!
On the application form you may indicate whether or not you with to be judged. With all the miles on mine, I just put it in the bunch with out judging.

Come on down -- it's a good cause and a rather plesant day. Hope to see you

If you need more information, please PM me...totally stock NSX's are quite a draw for the show...and I will announce a Saturday event here shortly...hope to see you there...thanks...Mike
I know it's early, but are any of the Colorado NSXers going to the NSXPO?? I am planning on going. Would be interested in caravanning out there. The guys from Albuquerque are planning a quick get together before they head out. Maybe we could hook up with them and have a real nice line of NSXs out there. Don't know if I want to go that way or through four corners and that way. I heard that's a beautiful drive. Being in Trinidad, it doesn't matter to me which way to go. Mike, good luck with the car show. Let us know about the Saturday get together as well.
I registered for the C.P. event today. Don't know if I'll actually make it as we plan on being out of town the week before. I decided that even if I don't make it, the money is for a good cause.