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Converted to LED brake light bulbs, very happy

Moments ago, I finished up my full LED exterior light conversion :) I did the flasher mod per mcrider's instructions and my blinkers work perfectly. Thanks for all the help guys :)
Yesterday, I received and installed the replacement 1157's from Superbrightleds, as in mcrider's write up, and my problem went away :) There really seem to be incompatible bulbs out there. Be sure to do the brake lamp sensor bypass when you get more time to troubleshoot. Thanks to the primers who helped me out on this too.

Sorry for the clarification - but as this thread has been referring to both CANBus bulbs & "regular" LEDs - which were the ones you ordered from Superbrightleds? - thanks!
Both the Pilot bulbs from Autozone and the ones from Superbright are CANBUS so I don't know why they aren't interchangeable. Must be a loosely defined standard. All LEDs are definately not equal
Sorry to bump up an old thread, but I did the brake light error light fix and while it did solve the problem....it seems to have created a small one. It no longer tells me when a door/glass/trunk/hood is open. Is this something that is supposed to happen when doing this mod?