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DAL Motorsports Enters One Lap of America

Re: Mid-Atlantic area One-Lap support available

Andrie Hartanto said:
Good luck Rob and Kick ass! Too bad one lap don't go to west coast at all.

Hey Andrei, I think they did last year… but tell you the truth, that’s why I didn’t run last year. And the same reason your saying it’s too bad they run here... it’s too far. The same could be said about OTC, it’s too far for half the country. One of these years we will get to the same track at the same time.
Re: Mid-Atlantic area One-Lap support available

That is true. I don't know if I ever going to do those kind of adventure again though. It is fun, but brutal on your body. I was exhausted after OTC.

THis year, my big event will be running San Jose GP with USTCC guys.
Hey Rob,

Can you supply more info/pictures on your understray and splitter combo after you finish it? Also, do you have any plans to productize it?

I've been planning to build my own adjustable splitter, but don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to...

mikeh said:
Hey Rob,

Can you supply more info/pictures on your understray and splitter combo after you finish it? Also, do you have any plans to productize it?

I've been planning to build my own adjustable splitter, but don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to...


Hi Mike, I will defiantly show pictures after I install it some time in the next two weeks. I’m more of a designer then a marketer… or a good business man. I make parts to help me win races. I always wanted a business related to racing, but my focus tends to stray back to racing. When I started beating the factory teams, people with the same interest started asking for my unique parts. I still get calls today for parts I developed to win a World championship in 1999 (Jet Ski parts). Business organization is my problem, it’s not that I don’t understand the needs, it’s that my priorities are warped. I really need someone else to run the business as long as I get rewarded for developing the parts. In 2002 I started working with the NSX, and have developed over 200 CAD drawings.
My suggestion is to go for it your self, I was never one to discourage someone from trying. You can’t win if you don’t play. If you need help with dimensions I would be happy to do that.

Note: I'm going to give a more complete report to Derek to post on www.dallasnsx.com... that is the plan anyway.
The EXP4/DAL Motorsports NSX started the day on the wet skidpad. We had just noticed an electrical interfearence the afternoon before as I was able to drive the car for the first time with the new configuration.
Unfortunately, this interfearence, which made the AEM think the throttle was wide open caused much grief. Rob was able to complete the wet skidpad but the condition really fluds the engine producing almost a stall condition...but with pleanty of loud backfiring..:-(
We then took to the road to get to IRP. The timing between the two tracks gave us about 15mins to get stuff out of the car and get on the grid. Rob did minimal to see if he could correct the issue, but as I went out on the reconocense lap, the car was undriveable... so much for reconocence... We currently recieced a DNF for this first time, but I did make it around the track until the checker(down a lap). Rob again went all out to eliminate any possibilities before the second event at IRP. Many tries failed, but the last ditch effort came thru! We tested the car on the street and all seemed great. On the track the car worked really well!! Although I wasn't able to learn the track in the first event because of issue nor able to adjust for handling (was going to slow), I was able to pull a respectible 12th place overall...2nd in class...1st went to a Radical.. so I don't feel so bad.
A mear 5hrs to Beverun tomorrow, Rob will put his talents to the test at Beverun for two events, then another 3hr drive and we'll hit an oval for a night event... I'll be the lucky NSXCAR for that event... I don't know what I'm going to do with only having to turn left...;-)
5:30am, I guess I better get an hour of shuteye...
I don't know how often I'll get to do these updates.. but I'll try as much as possible.


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Good job guys - particularly with the interference issue. 12th overall and 2nd in class isn't bad at all!
The other NSX team is right in the pack as well. I was looking at the result and at IRP, and the team driving a Dodge RAM 1500 took 1st in the first session and 2nd in the second session. What kind of monster truck is this?! :eek:
ak said:
The other NSX team is right in the pack as well. I was looking at the result and at IRP, and the team driving a Dodge RAM 1500 took 1st in the first session and 2nd in the second session. What kind of monster truck is this?! :eek:

One of these...

Best of Luck, Make sure if you come to the NE you keep us posted. We will certianly support you best we can.

Results so far:

Cumulative Overall Points as of - Sun May 01 15:24:37 2005
Page 1
Results sorted by position
Pos Car # Vehicle Class Points

1 3 Dodge Ram 1500 S U V 2275
Ronald Adee, patrick adee
2 1 Porsche 996 TT SSGT1 BB 2225
Mark DaVia, Drew Wikstrom
3 2 Dodge Viper SSGT1 BB 2225
Brian Smith, John Hennessey
4 24 Chevrolet Corvette SSGT1 BB 2220
Danny Popp, Jerry Onks
5 64 Subaru STi Rota Wheels MidPri Sed 2200
Luke Russell, Mike McInturf

6 11 Chrysler 300C SRT8 Luxury Sed 2130
David Zelkowski, Erich Heuschele
7 63 Dodge SRT-4 MidPri Sed 2035
Dale Seeley, Kolin Aspergren, Jamin Cummings
8 6 Acura NSX-R SSGT1 SB 2020
Mchael Fitzpatrick, Jon York
9 25 Chevrolet Z06 Corvette SSGT1 BB 1970
Dan Corcoran, Kyle Corcoran
Scott Ahlgrim, Steve Ahlgrim

11 14 BMW M3 SSGT1 SB 1925
Nancy Becker, Roy Hopkins, Adrienne Hughes
12 26 Chevrolet Corvette SSGT1 BB 1915
Jeremy Herzberg, Eric Hulshart
13 74 Subaru WRX STi MidPri Sed 1855
Dan Schaut, Ben Schaut
14 50 Ford Mustang GT SSGT2 BB 1840
Tony Swan, Mary Seelhorst
15 76 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 MidPri Sed 1835
Martin Musial, Jon Krolewicz, Ray Krolewicz

16 49 Toyota Supra SSGT1 SB 1805
Greg Caloudas, Marshall Morgan
17 20 Porsche 930 Vint For 1785
David Goodman, Sam Goodman
18 34 BMW M Coupe SSGT1 SB 1760
Neil Simon, Woody Hair
19 71 Subaru WRX MidPri Sed 1725
Greg Hagopian, Margo Otey
20 19 Porsche 911 Vint For 1665
Glen Clarke, Louis Frlan III

21 42 MINI S Retro 1665
Steve Stubbs, Matt Griesheimer
22 61 Lincoln LS Luxury Sed 1655
Chet Dhruna, Matthew List, Jaime Venezia
23 4 Superformance Daytona Coupe SSGT1 BB 1635
Dennis Olthoff, Rick Lee
24 16 Ultima GTR SSGT1 BB 1625
Don Kahn, Carl Warren
25 35 Porsche 996 SSGT1 SB 1585
Alex May, Stephen Dubovsky

Cumulative Overall Points as of - Sun May 01 15:24:37 2005
Page 2
Results sorted by position

26 38 Porsche 965 SSGT1 SB 1580
Chuck Veth, Keith Bilyard
27 28 Dodge Daytona CS SSGT2 SB 1570
Steve Calder, Michael Stimac
28 8 Chevrolet Corvette / Z06 SSGT1 BB 1560
Rodney Sizemore, Rick Sizemore
29 10 Honda NSX-R SSGT1 SB 1545
Robert Morrison, Vaughn Duarte
30 18 Porsche 996TT SSGT1 BB 1515
Manuel Da Silva, Christine Da Silva

On the phone w/ Mike... headin up 1st in their class.. :biggrin:

good job..

(I'm not going to be able to get daily reports to Derek, so these will have to do.)
The EXP4/DAL Motorsports NSX had a really good day on Sunday.
Rob got a chance to get behind the wheel at Beverun. In the first session he placed 8th and we seemed to be back on track. We were still arguing with the series on a dispute about the first run at IRP yesterday. Brock said he had a plan to give us points, since we didn't DNF.... we were just slow because of the electrical issues.
The second session Rob thought he could get another 10 ten, even better than his previous. Timing is everything in OLA, and it couldn't have proven itself anymore true to form as it started sleeting just after the first car from his group went hot. Rob went 4 out of 5 cars, so needless to say he was fighting for grip about the 3rd turn. Now everyone was slipping, and then the car 2 in front of rob lost an engine (pictured below) on line and made from an even more slippery event. Needless to say his times were not as he hoped for. The even stranger event was when the sun came out right before the next run group. 5 minutes later the track was back to normal... now that is some crappy luck.
4hrs later came Lancasters small oval.. mayby 1/8th mile? I was driving this one because I have always expired to be a NSXCAR driver.. heck-shoot! ;-)
Seriously, although the results aren't posted as this writing, the guys out there timing said I was w/in a few seconds of the top cars... So I am hoping for a top 10.. guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow.
Left after our quick three laps around 7pm and off to NHIS a mear 7hrs away.. we got in around 2:30am.. We have a long day at New Hampsire tomorrow. I think Rob drew the straw to race there :mad: ... so I guess I have to play crew for a day.
Currently fighting our way back.. .W/out a couple of score items we are sitting 26th overall, and 5th in class.
How's the car holding up? Looks like we have a cooling issue, maybe a headgasket.. but we think she'll make it around 3 laps at a time. We've discovered an oil leak, or should I say stream... we're going to try and fix that too....


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you do...

it doesn't take much to make a car street legal...

I was on my way up to The Tire Rack to get some new tires and wheels when I saw these two NSX's with HUGE wings moving down the highway 20 bypass near Tire Rack. Evidently I had just missed them being at the skidpad, and I tried to wave (from my white '91 Integra LS-S) but I do not think they saw me. Evidently the South Bend, Indiana cops were being their usually d*ckless selves and pulled over one of the competitors as they were pulling out of the parking lot at The Tire Rack. We saw it happen, and the guy was not speeding or anything from what we saw. :mad:

Good luck NSX's!!! :D
next update:

SSGT1 SB Cumulative Class Points as of Mon May 02 06:42:39 2005
Page 1
Results sorted by position
Pos Car # Vehicle Class Pts O/A Pts

1 6 Acura NSX-R 315 2020
Mchael Fitzpatrick, Jon York
2 14 BMW M3 290 1925
Nancy Becker, Roy Hopkins, Adrienne Hughes
3 49 Toyota Supra 265 1805
Greg Caloudas, Marshall Morgan
4 34 BMW M Coupe 255 1760
Neil Simon, Woody Hair
5 10 Honda NSX-R 235 1590
Robert Morrison, Vaughn Duarte

6 35 Porsche 996 220 1585
Alex May, Stephen Dubovsky
7 38 Porsche 965 200 1580
Chuck Veth, Keith Bilyard
8 17 Radical SR3 185 1310
Damon Josz,
9 41 BMW M3 180 1420
David Flogaus, Jim Demchsak, Dave Meyer
10 40 BMW M3 140 1180
Steve Ostrovitz, Tom Merrifield

the race goes on!
does anyone know what time they will be on-track at Summit Pt. tomorrow? I might try to make it out there. Anyone else going?
Time trial 1 is from 8:30 to 11:30 am. Trial 2 is 12:30 to 3:30. Not sure of the running order within a time trial. It would be worth going to, quite a spectacle of cars!
I want to know what was done to that Crossfire and the Neon SRT is doing great too.

How modded are these NSX's? I know the plan was for 500rwhp++, but didn't the engine's fail prior to the One lap start?

Just wondering was crossing my fingers for a top 5-10 finish overall.

Great job regardless!!
OLA Day 3 -
Another strong Day for the EXP4/DAL Motorsports NSX. Today we were at New Hampshire International Speedway for two events. This is a track Rob or I have never been on and only had a track diagram and video that was running another configuration... so since both of us had a total of 3 hours of sleep over the last 2 days, Rob was scheduled to run this event, but because of his foccus on the car and it's issues he hadn't had anytime to study the track at all.. He suggested I run it.
Well, the first session out I was just learning the track and managed a 27th overall. After the session we were drawing attention because of the stream of oil coming out of the bottom of the car... also we are getting hot, so blowing watter/coolant out on the track too... I even fell victim to the car's fluid issues and almost lost it on the turn that goes up the hill. So the time in between races we were VERY unsociable hiding in a garage outside the main group. We got some needed part to do the patch work and believe we have fixed our oil leak... Remember we have a oil sump that holds an extra 7 or 9 qts so we were never worried about not having enough oil. Overheating is still an issue, but the car doesn't get over 180 in the three laps at a time we run. We are only worried about the full VIR course later this week.. we will try something else too.
The next session we ran NASCAR 1 and 2, so a slight change to the track layout....damn just when I was getting comfortable with the way it was.. :smile: Actually, I think I excel at ovals because of my experiance at Texas Motorspeedway as well as the many ROVALS we ran in GAC... so I go balls out trying to make up time. I did well as I captured 8th overall and 1st in class... again this is a track I have a total of 7 laps on. We felt pretty good about our day and packed up for Summit Point.. 8hrs away, but at least we got to leave around 2:30pm. Hey! it's only midnight when I am posting.. I'm going to sleep well tonight!
We moved up a good chuck because the results from the short oval yesterday came in and we pulled out a 6th Overall, 1st in class... cool!
We are now up to 4th in class and up to 19th overall.. what I wouldn't give to get back our first IRP run... but I must remind myself that there is still many events left and I just need to continue to pray the NSX stays together thru the next week.
DCNSX - Both Mike/Jon and Rob/I are in the first couple of run groups, so in order to see both runs (only three laps each) I'd suggest being at the track at 8am. We'll run again around noon, then head out to the dragstrip at Mason Dixon... this should be a cool event too for those that are interested in raw straitaway power.
Jasil - Unfortunately the 500hp engine did not make it into the DAL car. Check out the full story on www.dalmotorsports.com, esp. they dyno pull of it making over 600+hp. Both cars are equiped with stock 3.0ltr engines with superchargers and aftercoolers DAL making 450rwhp and Mikes car is suppose to be making 480rwhp (it is romeyo's old engine) He was having heating issues as well... why? As we learned in GAC the more revs the more tuning to get higher hp causes heat, heat that we still can't seem to quite resolve.
I'll try to see if I can get the scoop on the neon.. yes he is doing well.


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Hi guys I'm Patrick York. Jon Yorks brother. I just wanted to drop in and say hi.

I'm a huge NSX fan although I drive a Z06. We all make mistakes. :tongue:

Go get em guys. :D Someone needs to knock that truck out of first. :tongue:
OLA Day 4 - Fluids and a fricken bolt.
Well, today was an interesting day. Last night Rob took advantage of being close to Mike's house and burnt a lot of the mid-night oil there replacing spark plugs and continued to try and fix our oil leak problem (as now the series has eyes on our diaper, as they call it).
When we started toward the track in the morning Rob noticed the car was missing very badly.. it sounded sick, and top speed was around 80... One of the new plugs we purchased was bad. So, no rest for the weary as we had to now speed to the track and change the plugs again to race in the morning.... :mad:
Rob completed the project and I was able to start the morning session. I was doing well (I believe top 10) but recieved a black flag on the 2nd lap, so I had to come in. The race director said three stations reported fluids coming from the car.
He thought it was oil, but realized it was water. He said they wouldn't have called me in if it was just water.... so now I am faced with a DNF because I couldn't complete the three laps... however he said I would not recieve a DNF... I don't know how he'll figure it out, so I am kept in suspense. Right now we have no points for that race... so we'll see.

Meanwhile Rob went back to work on the car to set up a coolent catch can of sort (we have one but it needed to hold about a gallon of water) We really need a high pressure radiator cap, above 16.. if anyone has one and will be at VIR tomorrow?!?!
After that project, Rob also installed another thermostat and wanted to address the oil leak... we had solved this from being a stream to a drip... probobly not something that will get us in trouble, but now the eyes are upon us.
When rob tried to tap a bigger sized hole he had major problems as it seemed he may have just been tearing up the hole. This is a major problem because with out this bolt we can not contain the oil (part of the sump plumbing) It was noon and the second run started at 12:30pm.... We all but figured we would not make the session and may not have a way to move the car!
Rob must have thought of something, because he and Rene(Robs friend from Chicago and part of the DAL crew) had a plan and started finishing it just as one of the WRX guys lost his car and went into the Jersey barriors. This bought us more time and we were able to get the car to in line in time.
The EXP4/DAL Motorsports car was on fire.. I felt it had a lot of pep and and although continuing to fight an understeer problem was getting decent grip. I made it thru the session but was called into tech imeadiately because someone saw some fluid comming from the car again... well this time the car was overheating and we filled a gallon of water thru the overflow of the coolent system. The thermostat he installed an hour before was stuck open, verified when we started to drive to the drag strip and the car overheated on the road. To make things worse.. all the time spent on the oil leak was fruitless as it still has a little drip.
So a lot of time and energy waisted on things that didn't work well... kinda put a damper on the day.
I managed a 6th overall for Summit Point, a track I only have seen once.. so we left there feeling better.
On to the Drag racing.... Rob had the experiance here so he lined up and put a 12.4 in the 1/4mi which was his Low ET for the bracket race. This surprisingly gave us 8th place in the drag event.
Now bracket racing has some strategy to it, so basically you have to beat the other car but you can't beat your Low ET time. Unfortunately Rob had a bad reaction/start, so he tried to make up for it and did it too well at 11.9 in the 1/4th mi... WOW! That's flying... but unfortunately that also meant he lost so the lowest you can score is 7th.
On to VIR tomorrow where we hope to get our Summit #1 straited out with Brock Jr. and try to make a charge in the home stretch. Car seems to be working well, but I feel we have a head gasket issue that is overpresurizing the coolent.. Rob disagrees... so we'll keep our fingers crossed.. we don't have any more chances to prove we can keep the car from putting fluid on the track.
Check out the other newly created thread for current in class and over all points for both NSXs.


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RE: Hi-pressure radiator cap. I will post-up on the SE forum to see if anyone can bring this item to VIR today (WED. 5/4). Does anyone know a cell phone where our 1-Lap heroes can be reached? Keep running fast, guys.