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21 February 2000
Austin, Republic of Texas
Does anyone know what is up with Dali? Mark is usually hard to get in touch with, but this is absurd. I ahve called a couple of times a day for over a week and have not heard back. Several e-mails have also gone unanswered.

Is he wandering around Europe again or just not interesed in selling me a clutch?
He told me he was going to be back September 21, but I havent heard from him either. He's usually good about answering his e-mails, but he hasnt responded these last couple weeks. Did he die in Europe?? Is he hurt?? I hope not...'cause I'm too poor to switch to Comptech products...
He's back from Europe but I think he's still swamped with e-mail and phone messages from while he was away. Though I do know he's alive because we traded e-mails earlier today.