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DC-area/mid-Atlantic annual NSX gathering

7 October 2002
Chapel Hill NC
Everyone- I spoke to Lenny Gonzalez, GM of Pohanka Acura and he has once again agreed to sponsor our annual event --- if we can agree on a date. The best day for the dealer is Sunday, and he mentioned mid to late May. How does Sunday May 15 work for everyone? (The last Sunday in May is Labor Day weekend, when many of us already have plans.)

Generally, here's how the day goes:

1. Start around 10:30am at the dealership for meet & greet. There may be a tech or two and lifts available for minor stuff in the service area.

2. Group photo and lunch/sodas provided by Pohanka.

3. Country drive through beautiful Loudoun County, VA. I have some good ideas for a new route this year. As before, some twisties, some interstate, etc.

4. Finish up at allsports grand prix (indoor kart racing) for those that choose to do so.

As always, we're open to suggestions. Any other ideas? Let me know what dates work for everyone and I'll confirm things with Pohanka. We have a lot of new owners that I'm sure are anxious to meet everyone. -Howard
Ugh... I've got plans until at least early afternoon on that day... I wonder if I can catch up with y'all when I'm free..........
I'll be there for the morning part at Pohanka. But I'll probably be on "baby duty" in the afternoon, so I may have to split at some point.

I'm in...but I can't get there till about 12:30/1:00. Sunday mornings are always booked :smile:

What time do you figure things will wind down at Pohanka?
...I'm definitely in for the 15th of May*** (As long as there's no rain) I think thats a great date. I'll be in O.C. for memorial day weekend :smile:
I just confirmed the May 15th date. Pohanka- The world's largest Acura dealer- will once again sponsor our annual NSX meet!!! Thanks, Lenny.
I'll send out an email to the mid-Atlantic NSX list and also a create a new thread. Please post up on the new thread to "RSVP" yourself.

Anyone interested in exploring a few twisties in Loudoun County with me sometime this weekend? Need to finalize the route for the 15th.