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Dear Santa, toys for my NA2 White NSX ~ :)

Rick that looks killer man.
Steering wheel looks great!

Please come see the car in person as it will be on display at the annual SF Auto Show in San Francisco next month. Car should be fully complete with new exhaust and a new carbon fiber steering wheel :)

Car ended up taking 2nd place behind a JDM Integra :)

Picked up a set of RTP's from vendor Angus on this forum. Really excited to get these on the car and report back on fitment and sound. Turns out you can't use the OEM bolts so this delayed the installation but here's what they look like. Supposed to not trip the CEL's and I'm hoping for a better more aggressive sound. The OEM cats are so freaking heavy - going to put these in the safe deposit box for now :)

Rick- you need to put those OEM cats in the safety deposit box. They are worth $2K pair. So what happen to those Lovefab HiFlo cats? Those Angus cats look like test pipes on steroids.
thanks Steve Allen!

My wife thought it was too much labor/cost to remove the headers each time we need to smog the car. The HFC's from LoveFab were made only to work with their header so both the headers and HFC's are in the classified section up for sale. Never used! See this link:


In the meantime, going to try and find some time to get this all put back together, anxious to hear how it sounds :)
For 2015, going for a different steering wheel look!

Smaller 360mm diameter and the red ultra suede should give the car a totally different driving feel. I also added a weighted CF shift knob so the interior looks 10x better than my R8 now :)

Just hope the red on the steering wheel is not too much red...I really think this is the last mod I'm doing to this car, except maybe change the wheels later this year.

I'm hoping the smaller diameter wheel is going to give the car a change in the steering wheel.
Finished cockpit with the smaller diameter 360mm wheel! I took her out for a spin and immediately noticed the steering felt more responsive and I had more leg room which was an added plus. My left lug used to get stuck between the wheel and door panel but now it's feel to move around which is great!

I think I need a new front lip or splitter to make the car a bit more "balanced" any suggestions?

Prepping the car for the C&C event end of March and will be getting my diffuser installed and interior fully completed by then!
Fast forward a couple months and I have the new JP Aero lip installed with a custom under-lip diffuser which is both good and bad...

Good: Protects the JP Aero lip and wrap

Bad: Reduces the ground clearance of the front even more than it already is

Interior still has some parts to be installed before NSXPO and the car should be finished for a while. Trying not to go overboard with the car and keep the clean stock lines.

On my to do list is also to find a JDM Honda airbag. Gosh it never ends :(
Why isn't anybody else commenting in this thread?! This car is f@&$ing gorgeous!

Seats and front lip look awesome, I'm not feeling the red accent steering wheel too much but the shape is great.