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Dear Santa, toys for my NA2 White NSX ~ :)

How is the seat height compare to oem seat? is it higher or lower? I'm debating to install a bucket seat on mines as weel but only if its lower my seat position.

Update: July 5th, took the car for it's first spin with the new seats last night....this is the perfect driving position if you are 6'2, 175 lbs! I gained 2" of headroom but sacrificed nothing else :)

I snapped these in my garage but you can see the difference in seat height. The Bride RO rails are direct bolt in and literally keep the seat flat on the floorboards with no compromise. I did not have to cut or modify anything and everything is just bolt on.

Check out the seat height difference in this pic:

Aerial shot with the t-top removed shows perfect position adjusted for me:

I love the carbon kevlar poking out when the door is open or visible when hatch is open through small rear window

here you can see the oem bolt holes using factory bolts

Just have to decide which red seat to do for the passenger side now to complete the interior

How is the seat height compare to oem seat? is it higher or lower? I'm debating to install a bucket seat on mines as weel but only if its lower my seat position.

I'm 6'2 and the OEM seats will cause my hair to brush the roof of the car unless I slouch a bit.

With the Bride Low Max seat - I can sit comfortable with roughly 2" extra headroom so that's plenty to wear a helmet. So to answer your questions yes the Bride seat on the driver side does help to lower the driving position significantly. Also the flat bottom OEM steering wheel helps give me quite a bit of extra leg room. With the stock wheel, my left knee would get stuck between the door panel and the wheel. With the smaller diameter flat bottom steering wheel, I can now freely move my left leg!

here's a better shot of the interior cabin with the upgraded steering wheel and Bride seat:


Visit our site for many of our innovative NSX products:

A few new mods to be installed - each of these parts are available on our website on a per order basis, please ask any questions via PM!

Custom CF door sills with Alcantara and red contrast stitching:

CF Gauge cluster surround:
Finally got these installed - OEM fitment, 100% stock attachment points.

Gives the NSX a much more upscale exotic feel when you open the door, will get some better photos once the rain stops here:

wow Rick!!! am I looking at $300,000 - $400,000 retail, you have got to be the richest guy I know!!!
That looks really great. More pics please

here are some better shots, send us your stock pieces and we can give them a new lease on life, why replace with stock when you can get upgraded pieces!

Super excited that NSXPO 2018 will be hosted in our home city/state!

We should have our old and new generation NSX side by side with some cool new products by then :)

Going to prepare this car for some new changes:

Snapped some new updated pics of the ride, hasn't changed much:

Up to this point, there was no solution for NSX owners who wanted a true carbon fiber panel (like OEM) but retain their stock panel for future use!

We now offer a full carbon fiber Double DIN panel made from screw with robust OEM screw holes and ashtray delete. We even have the OEM vents near the shift knob. This is our latest V.4 panel and is made of 100% carbon so it's both super strong and lighter weight than a stock panel.


a) Lighter weight than stock
b) Super Strong 100% carbon fiber
c) OEM Robust Screw Posts just like stock
d) Slots for sensor near shift knob
e) Double DIN opening is perfectly cut with GLARE reduction
f) Retain your stock dash panel

here's a link to our site, or PM us for details on availability!


It's the ultimate DD dash panel for any NSX owner while retaining your stock panel for safe keeping!


EB Staff

Super light weight and strong:

Stock panel weight is heavy and this is WITHOUT ashtray assembly too:

Happy Friday!

With all the craziness in 2020 we hope every has stayed safe! A lot of spare time as everyone shelters in place and we took this opportunity to give our demo GPW NSX an interior facelift!

For about 10 years we had a Kenwood Double DIN which used an iPod controller. We decided to bring it into the modern century with an Alpine Double DIN that has Apple CarPlay. The new deck allows pretty much everything from an iPhone to be integrated into the display. The Apple unit is quite shallow so this makes mounting the unit much easier. There is no CD or DVD transport mechanism so everything is compact.

While the door panels were out, we did a full Dynamat sound insulation on the doors and added new Hertz Mille door speakers. This really gave the car a boost in sound quality and while the door panels were out, we finally swapped the OEM door trims with our 100% full CF door trims. These new pieces we now offer as a pair and are sold without needing any core exchange so this lets us keep the stock ones wrapped up safely!

Two more items we have been patiently waiting to add but never enough time are the full 100% CF driver side knee bolster and matching glove box! Both pieces really tie in nicely with the CF steering wheel and other bits and pieces. Both items are part of our new product line of full 100% CF parts. Each piece really brings out the unique details for the NSX:

New Deck, old glove box before the swap:

Last time we upgraded since we can't let the interior have all the fun, we picked up a GruppeM Intake system! This beauty looks awesome but also dramatically changes the sound of the car! We've had this car for over 15+ years now and it NEVER SOUNDED SO GOOD! The new intake really brings the entire car alive and sounds amazing at WOT! Go over to our Youtube channel if you want to hear this sucker!


Many of the items you see above can be found on our website in the NSX collection here:


Follow us on Instagram here:




Final product all done! Look for a story on the custom JL Audio 8" subwoofer enclosure later....

Fast forward to 2021, a year after COVID started and we are now planning to take her out to NSXPO 2021 in Portland!

Hope to see many old and new friends there :)

If there's anything you want to see or have us bring out to the event shoot us a PM.


We just got back from 2021 Honda Homecoming as a vendor and it was an awesome experience! It was like NSXPO all over again seeing like minded friends at both events :)

thanks to all the NSX owners who stopped by our booth and said hello!

Unloading at 5am:

We added a matching 130R Type-S to the garage and plan to do quite a bit of R&D on this car in the upcoming months....you can see the delivery video here:


We are always looking for ways to improve things and we decided to give the NSX footwell subwoofer another go at it. Up to this point there really is no low profile sub box that doesn’t intrude into the cabin, in our demo NSX we created a custom box for a JL audio 8” subwoofer, you can see more info here:


However as my buddy will attest to while riding with me during NSXPO Portland on a extended test drive, there is still too much space taken up and his legs cramped up at the end of the 2+ hr drive! Lol

So our latest project is to dig deep and create a super thin subwoofer box to house the JL Audio 6w3 woofer. The goal is to make this a drop in box for ANY NSX. As you guys know certain model year cars have a ECU behind the oem subwoofer. Most of the time you have to relocate this item to gain space. We are going for max depth so the passenger won’t even know there is a subwoofer.

If our experiment goes well we will offer this as a turnkey solution for NSX owners. Stay tuned….should have this done before NSXPO Arizona 2022!

Please stop by to audition the sound quality of you are attending too!
Quick update as we move to the month of July, hope everyone had fun for their 4th of July holidays!

As we approach NSXPO 2022, we are debating if we should bring this car or the Type-S for the event, which car would you guys rather see?

We did take the time to completely revamp our s2000 footwell subwoofer box. This new one is super tiny, holds a single JL Audio 6W3 and sounds amazing. Almost no sacrifice of legroom space and is a drop in fit for any NSX including the EPS or non-EPS models! Nothing to cut or permanently remove either! You can read more about this sub box here but we've included some photos below:

You can see the carpet indent the old box, saved 3"!

Picture from last NSXPO Portland:

We will hopefully have a set on display and in our demo car! We plan to unveil many new products for both the 1st gen and 2nd gen NSX. Be sure to stop by and say hello as we love to see new NSX owners.

Check out our latest review of our Type-S here:


We created a video for the latest round of upgrades including some unique parts to give this car a more fun factor to drive! Check out the video and would love to hear comments!

Mods added:

Recaro ABE Leather Seats
Science of Speed Seat Rails
EuroBoutique Carbon Rear Diffuser
EuroBoutique Carbon Front/Rear Door Sashes
EuroBoutique Carbon Inside large door vents
EuroBoutique Black Alcantara 2-piece elbow rest
EuroBoutique custom JL Audio 6W3 subwoofer box
GreyMarket Rear Billet Strut Tower Brace
Alpine ILX-507 Double DIN CarPlay App Radio
We haven't updated this thread in a while so to start of 2024, here are some updates!

Out with the Bride, in with the new Recaro ABE's!

Special new Billet Aluminum Strut tower brace + GruppeM intake and our engine CF dress-up bits look so delicious:

Being towed to a special Honda event to help support a good cause:

This is the LATEST bespoke subwoofer box we offer that has very little leg room loss, zero cutting:

Fresh Interior has many new custom bespoke parts using premium materials, can you spot them?

She looks so good from this view, clean and modern:
Loving this new setup, makes us drive the car a lot more now!

Look for a full line of carbon parts for the Motocompacto shortly as we modify this to match our NSX! :)

Stay dry fellas!