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Difficulty trying to buy an NSX from a Prime member...

13 December 2011
Anyone know this guy? Argon_NSX - This seller is horrible!


I have been dealing with this guy for about a week now trying to buy his car. I made him an offer for the car (as-is with the broken a/c & cv boot) which he declined, no hard feelings. I purposed having a few small parts removed to reduce the price (which he could sell off the few small bits and make $$ back) and I would pay the rest in cash. I was offering to fly out at my own expense, PAY IN CASH $$, and even remove the parts for him at no cost, and transport the vehicle home. I tried to make this as EASY as possible for the seller. He tells me he works 20 hours per day, and doesn't have time to "play mechanic" to remove the small bits, and that he doesn't own any tools for which to remove the parts...

Later towards the end of our conversation, he tells me that the car is "sold" and that someone is paying the asking price. We leave it at that.

Later in the day, he tells a friend of mine (who was also contacting him about the same NSX for sale) that the car is available and the highest offer (is mine) needs to be a bit more for (my friend) to buy it. He's playing us both!
We discover this and call him out on it! How dishonest!!!

I ask him why he lied to me, telling me the car is sold, he tells me Oh it was a typo (which it clearly was not), and that it really is sold. I see the ad on prime was updated to show "pending sale" in the final comments. (This was yesterday)...
(Today), I see the ad has been changed (and "pending sale") has been removed from the comments and as it appears the car is still available for sale - Not only that, he has started listing some parts off the car which he originally objected to removing from the car when I made my offer the first time!:mad: And, now he updated the ad to reflect the fixed a/c & cv boot (which he absolutely had NO time to fix...)...uh huh!

Such a dishonest, deceitful seller?! Why all the hassle, if you don't like the offer don't take it, If you don't want to sell the car don't sell it, if you can't deal with people then don't, no need to lie and squeeze every potential buyer like they owe you one and make up excuses...

Seriously, this is the real reason why this car has been on the market for a year...With an attitude like this he'll run off every potential buyer.

(I apologize if this is in the wrong section moderators).
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Sorry to hear this whacky story but to be honest, with this much jerking around, I would be afraid to buy the car anyways...
Sorry to hear this whacky story but to be honest, with this much jerking around, I would be afraid to buy the car anyways...

1++ its too bad because its a great looking vehicle. But I'm sure with as much money as this person has dumped into the car, they are trying to outplay the potential buyers in an effort to maximize the selling price. This does not make it the most honest strategy however.
imo thats ridiculous and really unnecessary to lie about the car sale; especially if you've offered to help to the degree that you did.

but as teej mentioned its a classic case of too much money being dumped into a car and a seller trying however possible to get as much of it back.

i recall seeing a post update that said 42.5 being highest offer only confused as to why it was removed.
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Yeah I saw that a few days ago, I think a mod removed it because he double posted or something. Then he edited it to say it was pending sale, now it just says "new price 47.5" LOL. The nerve of this guy...
Oh, and he says his wife is the decision maker.
I purposed having a few small parts removed to reduce the price (which he could sell off the few small bits and make $$ back) and I would pay the rest in cash.
Well, if you really want the car and you feel that the seller is not very attracted by the idea of parting it out and has to hassle with selling the removed parts, why didn't you buy the complete car (short of money?), removed the parts yourself and sold it on your own? :idea::wink:
There's nothing more disencouraging sellers than forcing buyers. I don't know the complete story but I might have reacted the same if a young guy pushed me to fix a deal only HE wants to. I'd say to the potential buyer: buy it if you like and do whatever you like with it but don't force me. :)
as of this morning the ad shows "please remove" but does not conclude it is actually sold or not, I'd think that it is but we'll never know.

Oh well :frown:
We're getting a different story from the seller regarding his experiences dealing with buyers:


Historically... IMHO I'd say it's at an all time low. Not sure if it's since the price point of the car is so down there is a different crowd or what... but I've been a member coming and going with a few different user names dating back to when the NSX community was an email list and not this site.

Working on selling my 4th NSX at prime. Apparently it's proper form now to offer someone half their asking price and then harass and threaten them with text messages and emails telling you to "stop being a little bit¢h and give me your car for XXk" when you had politely turned down their low ball XXk offer b/c it was half the value of your car. Then they proceed to txt you 100 times a day telling you your car isn't anything special... and that the factory paint sucks and the comp tech supercharger is crap and that there are 5 cars out there that are better... like that is going to some how persuade you into giving it to them.

The sense of entitlement blows my mind. Like I owe it to someone to just give them my car... and if I don't I'm a bit¢h... when they're harassing me and calling me names and making fun of the NSX in general. It blows my mind. I mean if you're so down in the NSX why even buy one? If you really think NSxes suck and are money pits... and that there are 5 supercharged wide-bodies out there for sell that are better... buy one of them and leave me alone. It's something that has never happen to me in the past with the 4 cars I've sold here and now suddenly it's half the responses I'm getting.

What did you offer? Apparently it did offend him, and he said he felt like he was being harassed by the subsequent contact.

I've dealt with difficult sellers before (and I'm not implying that argon is one), so I can understand the frustration, but in the end it's just a business transaction and both buyers and sellers need to understand that and keep their emotions in check. Easier said than done sometimes though. It's best to walk away when you're not seeing eye to eye.
If you think I'd let "some dude" show up at my house and pull a bunch of parts off my car, and hope he doesn't scratch or break them in the process, just so he can chisel the price of my car down, you're unrealistic. Why not just take the car as is, and pull the stuff off at your place, and sell on ebay yourself. All you're doing is increasing work for the seller.

Not sure if by cash you mean a stack of $100's, but if you mean a cashier's check, that isn't cash.

Just sayin'
Later in the day, he tells a friend of mine (who was also contacting him about the same NSX for sale)... How dishonest!!!

Sounds like you were trying to hussle him as well, having your friend contact him and pretend to be an independent third-party.

Were you trying to make two offers, then have one drop out at the last minute to negotiate a better price? Were you trying to insult his asking price from two parties, hoping to convince him to take less? Or are you telling us that you and your friend randomly decided to buy the same car?

NSX1145... sorry... I've been out of the loop for a while here with the car being sold. You were very shifty and even made violent/physical threats to me about selling it to you for half of what I was asking "or else". I remember a few choice cuss words in addition to the threats. If I remember correctly you wanted to pay 20ish when I had started out asking 55. My wife and I both were fearing for our safety when you turned violent/started making threats/texting threats/ etc. and demanding that I sell it to you for your price "or else". When I wouldn't take your low ball 20k offer you turned violent... I was seeping with my gun extra close by incase you showed up to deliver on the "or else". I almost contacted the police. It's the first time in my life that I feared for the safety of my wife/ new born child and myself. I did have a buyer lined up and it's not like buying a deck of cards from k-mart. It's a back and forth negotiation etc. as the car is inspected, any maintenance is worked out as far as what is done and who pays for it as well as what shipping/banking options are etc. for both buyer and seller to feel comfortable with the transaction.

I also had legitimate issues selling the car b/c buyers kept falling through at the last minute and I'd have to re-list again. That happened several times. Aside from the violence you showed... You told me the NSX wasn't a special car. I wanted the person buying the car to love it as I did b/c it is/was a special car. I wanted the car to go to a true NSXer.

I also ruled you out as a buyer b/c I had another buyer and your offer was about half of what I was asking and you wanted me to spend a fortune de-modding it/returning it to stock to maybe sell it to you for 20 (when it seemed like you couldn't even come up with that and I'd be taking 10k by the time I paid someone 10k to de-modify it to stock so you could afford it) and then I'd spend a ton of time selling parts off in hopes that I get a little back. Like I told you I didn't have time to deal with it and wanted to sell it as is. At one point you talked up giving me 13, if I remember correctly, and letting you take the car and strip it down back home and then you'd send me cash as you sold the parts off. Sorry but who is going to trust a stranger who is prone to violence and threats with that. No one. I was being honest in that I didn't have the time/tools/skills to demodify the car myself and it'd cost a fortune to pay someone to take the car apart so you could pay 20. I'd spend 10k taking it apart. Then maybe if you came thru get 13 from you and the rest later as I trusted you to sell the parts off. With a total of 20 from you... you were asking me to take 10k on a car I wanted 55 for. Heaven forbid I did all that strip down work and you fall thru like a lot of my buyers did. Then I'd have 10k in tearing it apart/rebuilding it as stock and a car no one wants and a bunch of parts I wasn't going to get much for. Like I said I wanted to sell it as is. Sorry if you couldn't respect that and couldn't afford it as is.

As I mentioned to you... I had duplicates for a lot of the parts like exhaust/seats etc. as we've had 5 NSXes in the family over the years. This was the last to sell so we no longer needed all the extra parts. I still have parts that I'm about to list now as a matter of fact. So the parts you saw me selling were extra parts from all those cars (not the one I was selling). Not sure why you wouldn't take my word for it. I sold the car as is like I wanted to.

In addition to the violence/threats/low ball offer etc., I knew you were hussling me/having all your buddies call me and make offers that were lower than yours or trying to buy it on your behalf for nothing. If I recall your cash/money situation was risky to me as well. I sold it to the buyer I told you about. He's a great NSXer who payed close to my asking price for the car without asking me to rip it apart or threatening me with physical violence. I had the things that the ad list as fixed... fixed at Acura, just as I said and shipped it to him. The only reason I updated the ad with the work done listed out was incase my buyer fell thru as the last several had. In order to be honest I put sale pending in as the maintenance was done and the sale was pending as advertised. As I told you I did have a better offer and I had taken it in to have the items I mentioned fixed. She has a great home with a special owner who doesn't have a tendency towards violence and threats when they don't get their entitled way.

I've been a part of the NSX community (on and off) since the days where "NSXprime" was an email list and I have to say, with the exception of you, I've run into some of the most incredible people on the planet. After all that went down with you/your threats and unreasonable offer I can't believe you have the audacity to come here and smear my name. I was being nice in the post above that PhoeN$X copied from as I didn't want to smear your name/reputation publicly (not that at the time I even knew who you really were b/c you had 10 ppl contacting me with all sorts of shady offers/scams etc.). As a matter of fact I'm still being nice in this post. I should see if I still have all the screen shots of your violent threats saved from my ihpone. I had saved them out at my wife's recommendation just incase anything went down with you and I ended up missing or dead... she'd have it for the police to track you down.

Anyway... it looks like you ended up with an NSX. I hope it's more special than you claimed the NSX was at the time and that you're enjoying it as much as the rest of us NSXers do.